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War is usually a pattern of behavior that is inherent in the majority of primate species. this is usually a situation that is associated with some features of a pattern of behavior that are associated with defined state of organized conflict that s usually organized. This situation is usually engaged in the midst of two entities that are distinct. a conflict of this manner is associated with the efforts of changing the psychological or even the material hierarchy that is associated with the issue of domination in addition to the equality that exists in the midst of the species in question (Wade, 2006).

The case of a person who has had a past experience in the treatment of the neurosis that is related to war was exposed to a difficult situation with regard to the most appropriate advice that should be given to the patient to be adopted to neutralize the experience of war. memories that are naturally painful can be thrust aside very easily as is also the case with the tendency of avoiding scenes that are in reality perceived to be horrible as well as dangerous. The natural tendency in this context that are associated with banishing the horrible as well as distressing has special applicability with the people whose resistance powers have been neutralized by the continuous strains that are related to the trench-life, the shock that are associated with shell explosion in addition to the rest of the catastrophes that are associated with war (Turchin, 2005).

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War has been identified to be unavoidable in a seemingly manner and it also forms a fundamental aspect of the culture of the human being. War is associated with brutality as well as a scene that is ugly (Wade, 2006). However, it has persisted to be at the focal point in the social transformation as well as the history of the human race. These are two most important facts that appear to be paradoxical as well as inexplicable. They are also likely to be a cause of revelation of the facets attributed to the character of the human being that are deeply disturbing in a natural manner. This has the implication of a drive towards dominating others. It is absolutely true that the occurrences of war in addition to the threats that are associated to the war are forces with important implications in the lives of the human race (Keeley, 1996). War is associated with the damage to properties and general interference with a harmonious co-existence among people.


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