Results of the War

The nature of war is violent and it is also associated with some social effects that are controversial. The results of the war are raising some moral questions that are troubling in the context of a person who is thoughtful (Gat, A. 2006). Such questions may re late to is war at all times wrong? Might there occur situations when war may be a justification, or in other cases a smart, thing to be done? Will war in most of the situations be component of the experience inherent in the human beings, or can something be done to facilitate its disappearance? Is war a positive outcome associated with the human nature that is unchangeable or, even, of unsettled social practice? Is there any fair as well as sensible approach to wage the war, or is it doomed to failure, barbaric carnage? What rights do we have, in addition to responsibilities, when our society decides to wage war?

In the situations that patients who have encountered were left in isolation, majority of them would struggle towards forgetting the distressing memories as well as the thoughts that confront them (Keeley, 1996). A person who has experience a situation of war in the past and is in the position of a patient is easily annoyed by the repeated inquiries concerning relatives as well as friends in addition to the past experience of the front. This is because some memories that painful are usually awakened as a result. in addition to this it is a very important point however to put in to consideration is that the people who are under the effect of the shocks as well as the strains that are attributed to warfare must adapt to dwelling on the experience of the war that they are exposed to in a continuous manner or rather they are exposed to the importune inquiries although it is a difficult attempt to drive out experiences of this manner that are inherent in their minds. There is an evil influence associated with the actions of this manner that are usually followed by steps of cessation. In the situation that a person who had suffered from war is in hospital, most of the people that shares the experience of the war in common more than any other important issue may tend to concentrate their topic of discussion on this issue. this also applies to the people whose memories are not in a situation of great distress and this is a positive avenue to the enhancement of their fed “up term” that may appear as a universal designation.


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