How to Ride a Harley

There are various reasons that are given for owning and riding a Harley Davidson motorbike. Harley is manufactured in North America or rather most of its parts are made in North America. They are fantastic and almost the whole population is yearning to get one. Its accessories are easily available and at the same time, the mechanics for its repairs are easily available. Being in a position to posses and go for outing in a Harley is a great privilege and honour. Since each individual has a craving to ride a Harley, it is essential to learn how to have a safe and admirable ride in it. There are various steps to be followed by individuals who are interested in riding a Harley-Davidson.

First, one should find the most suitable and an easy to ride make of the Harley-Davidson products. It has been found out that not all Harley-Davidson motorcycles are fit for all kinds of rides. When you want to take pleasure in everything that a Harley has to put forward, look for an operational Harley, which is relaxing and easy to operate. If the product that you select is too heavy for you, consider the one that you can handle at ease; this is due to the fact that after purchasing he or she might want a different product. For this reason, it is considered economical for a person, who is learning to ride a Harley, to borrow one for training; this is due to the high cost of purchasing. Secondly, ensure that you have the necessities to be able to enjoy the ride. These requirements include, riding gloves, helmet, and glasses. These items should be put on before starting any ride. This is because they help to reduce injuries in case of any accidents.

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If using a Harley sportster, get on it, remove the stand, and support it with your legs. Haul the clutch lever that is found on the left knob then push down on the left gear handle. This act places the motorbike in first gear. Pull it up to some extent so as to enter neutral. The next step is to start up the engine. This is done by turning the key, pressing the set off button and allowing it to warm up for some few minutes before taking off.

The next step is to haul the clutch lever once more and haul it down so that the Harley returns to the initial gear. The gear should be kept in that position and slowly tow back on the throttle. Let go the cutch gently up to a point when you think that the engine has been ignited; that is the period when you will start taking off. Continue letting go the clutch gradually until it is all out. Go slow by pressing both the brake pedal and the hand brake on your right at the same time. Place your feet on the sides and ensure that they do not touch the ground up to the time when you have to as this may lead to accidents due to bike tipping.

This process should be carried out repeatedly until the time when one is comfortable. To change to the second gear while on the move, haul the clutch while letting go the throttle. Release the clutch and give the Harley added throttle. When you want to turn the Harley, lean and do not do this by spinning the handlebars. It has been seen by many riders that it is easier to turn a motorbike while keeping up to its speed other than trying to reduce speed so as to turn. Remember each Harley model may have its own way of operation but it is good to have the whole understanding of your model.


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