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The Breakfast Club is a 1984 movie that portrays the developmental stages of young adulthood and the impact of impending adolescence. The movie showcases the livelihood of the youths through the tussles of morality and peer pressure. Youths develop mental changes that have everything to do with their behaviors and judgment. At adolescence, youths come to realizations that affect their judgment and the exercise of caution. The Breakfast Club features five students and a principal. The relationship of the students and the principal is not what would be called the best of relationships. Held at detention for misconduct at school, the principal asks them to write a letter that explains what or who they thought they were. ‘The essence of the detention part provides that basis of impending adolescence and the lack of self consciousness in exercising of caution’.

            While adolescence may seem a problem for the youths, being a young adult requires a lot of sacrifice. The sacrifices that have to be made are either positive or negative at times. A young person who is entering adulthood would have to deal with the norms of the society as well as the urge to snap out of the general pressure to enjoy the short life. Bender is a character in The Breakfast Club who seems to be mimicking the kind of behavior he has been witnessing from his abusive family. While with other people, a young person may not be in position to think things out or try to figure out better ways of getting through an abusive relationship with family members. With the inability to exercise caution, a young person going through hardships of abuse in the family will always reflect acts of violence, abuse, mockery and other asocial behaviors. Bender sexually harasses Claire, a fellow detention colleague, and mocks Andrew and Brian, the other members he was with at detention. Research has it that adolescence and young adulthood tends to affect most youths negatively; especially where abuse in family is involved.

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State of Mind of an Adolescent

            When young people are growing, a number of changes take place within their systems. Among these changes there are the psychological changes that showcase how the individual thinks and reasons out in certain specific situations. When the brain of the young man starts to develop it is subjected to a number of challenges; to adapt to these changes requires a set of combinations. The most common combination that a young person would require in order to adjust to changes or to think he/she is includes judgment and choice. ‘Judgment and choice are influenced by the kind of associations and self knowledge one has’.

            At a certain age young people start thinking that their parents do not play a major role of shaping them. This includes the fact that they tend to think that their parents are obvious making mistakes in raising them in a particular way. In the movie “The Breakfast Club”, the set of students required to serve a nine-hour detention obvious complain that they wouldn’t want to be like their parents. The problem they were in had all but to do with their parents. As an aspect of growth, teenagers have the mentality they are not being raised in the right way. It all starts when the kid starts to think he/she doesn’t require being under the parents’ authority anymore. This in the long run affects the person in that a rebellious relationship comes to light. ‘The mind of the youth during the adolescence stage tends to struggle with authority desperate for independence’.

            At young age all children get the notion that their guardians provide them with all they need, be it possessions, ideas, support, basic needs and make their decisions for them. When these same children mingle with others either at school or at their neighborhoods; they tend to absorb the twisted norms that are preached and expected by their immediate friend. The same can be associated with “The Breakfast Club” members, Brian and Claire. Brian and Claire do not feel comfortable with the fact that they were virgins. With such a notion on a young person’s mind; one would associate their ‘inappropriate’ social positions on their parents’ role. ‘The parents’ role can be deduced from the forms of punishment, curfews, extend of disciplinary grounding, and frequency of moral lectures’.

            At adolescence, young people tend to speculate why certain actions and reactions are being made. Principal Vernon is considered presumptuous by the student in “The Breakfast Club”. By exercising his authority in the institution of punishing the wrong doing of the students, the students speculate that he was being unfair or had wrong ideas about the students. The psychologies of most adolescents depict negative tolerance for responsibility admittance. Brian, the letter writer, writes on the letter they were expected to write that the principal thought otherwise. The mind set of an adolescent is that everything is exactly as it is. When asked to give opinions about a certain aspect of their lives, an adolescent would draw what he/she thinks to reflect on whoever asked them to do so in the place. Brian didn’t actually know what the principal thought about them, but in the letter, the fact is he wrote exactly what he thought about the group himself.


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