“In the Next Room”

The film “In the Next Room” focuses on four couples who intended to save their marriages that were going through serious problems. They resolved to go to the resort Eden in order to promote their relationships. Through the therapist’s assistance, the couples are able to solve their problems and regain their lost love.

Previously, Sabrina Daldry and Catherine Givings had experienced sexual dissatisfaction for long. They tried what they termed as “missionary position” to get orgasm (Ruhl, 20). They had not been enjoying sex with their husbands. However, with the use of the machine, they were excited to have their first orgasm. In deed, Daldry opts for using clinical treatment through the use of machine than endures boring sex with her husband. She states that, “I am afraid there is very little sympathy between us” (Ruhl, 15). On the other hand, Givings has the desire to learn more about the sexual machine. She learns that any form of sexual satisfaction which is detached from love is empty, as well as unfulfilling. Nevertheless, after the therapy, the couples exchange their true feelings (Ruhl, 12). They also learnt that each one of them has a responsibility in developing a happy relationship.

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“In the Next Room” is a fictional story that explores the realities of life. The characters in the film experience marital struggles, especially in their sexual life. They tried several means to satisfy their sexual life, as their husband could do not serve the purpose (Ruhl, 22). Through the main characters, Sabrina Daldry and Catherine Givings, the audience comes into understanding about the situation that the writer intends to bring out.

The most prevailing theme in the novel is marriage and sex. Normally, married couples are faced with various problems, such as taking care of children, meeting various house expenses, house responsibilities as well as diminishing love (Ruhl, 16). Normally, problems in marriage start when couples begin to consider their marriage as responsibility, to forget about their initial love that brought them together. The playwright intends to inform the viewer about the essence of communication in marriage. Without communication, marriage is bound to fail. A solid relationship should be developed through ensuring that their family plans are not made individually.

Sarah Ruhl uses various representation styles to bring out her message. These include the following: the four couples express different body language to the therapist as they are being informed about their problems in marriage (Ruhl, 17). Some of them are shocked upon learning new problems which they were not aware of, yet they were going through them in marriage. The playwright uses Joy to show the reality in life especially about men. Men are said to be lustful when they see hot girls, something that results in a third affair outside the wedlock.

Some characters in the play stood out and their actions were more pronounced than others. Joey is depicted as a middle-aged guy who is bored by his marriage. He felt that his wife no longer loved him and did not care for his feelings (Ruhl, 63). As a result, their marriage went through a series of problems. His fears were confirmed when he found his wife cheating. However, he had a great passion for her and wanted their relationship to gain momentum once more (Ruhl, 81). Therefore, after discovering that his wife was going through the same problem, he resolved to engage his wife in intense communication. He revealed his true feelings, as well as his intentions. The main cause of their decreased love is that they were going through various problems and were exhausted. Their love was gradually fading. An action was needed to arouse back their feelings and passion (Ruhl, 26). Thus, this character stood out simply, because he was serving as an example to married couples that love may fade after a period of time. However, something should be done to maintain the good relationship in marriage.

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In the film, the four couples explore their family life. They honestly bring out the problems which they are going through in their marriage. They also try to seek remedies to these problems. Although presented as a comedy, the characters construct their experiences in an informing manner (Ruhl, 88). They vividly explain real life experiences and how such problems can be dealt with. In deed, they emotionally affect the audience as they seek the assistance of the therapist in order to resolve their problems, as well as gain awareness to their potential marital challenges. Discovery of their problems enables them to seek solutions. This is the same case with the characters (Ruhl, 70). After discovering the cause of their diminishing relationship, they try their best to amend it. Emotional feelings in the play are elicited as the characters show reactions of sympathy, silence as well as signing. For instance, David reunited with his wife. He emotionally confessed that he was in love with her. They showed their power of love by embracing each other and lingering their eyes to each other.

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Director’s point of view is depicted through the use of the four couples as presented in the film. The couples experience almost similar problems. Some of the problems experienced by the couples in their marriage include: demands by their respective jobs, salaries and children. These problems made them shift their love for each other to problem-solving relationships (Ruhl, 16). The audience is made to understand consequences of the marriage, hence advised to make informed choices before settling in marriage. Love should be paramount in any marriage, despite the prevailing circumstances.


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