The Three Amigos

These include the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Lion. She meets three of them on her way to Emerald City. Each of them explains his reasons for the resultant condition and wants to see the witch doctor so that their wishes can be granted (Baum, 1991:63). The Scarecrow claims that he did not have the brain; the Tin Woodman claims that he was denied the heart while the Lion believes that he is not brave. Consequently, we can take into consideration that William Jennings Bryan was a member of Populist Party (Dighe, 2002:110) and he was likened to a lion for his roaring rhetoric. This signifies the populist that had gained roots at the time. Populist agenda was mitigated through the use of power among the political leaders who made other people cowards or believe that they did not have the capacity to participate in gold trading and deliver it throughout the world.

The Oz, Emerald City and the Wacky Wizard

Emerald and Oz are inhabited by diverse groups of people. However, Emerald is the center where important activities took place. It represents the government. Therefore, it is symbolically used to represent Washington in the United States which was the center for development of populism. During this period populists were trying to acquire the leadership power in Washington. This is represented in the story where Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and the Lion travel to the city of Emerald so that their wishes can be granted. The Wizard stands for the politicians of the era such as the presidents (Baum, 1991: 45). Moreover, it signifies the democratic division, republicans and results in presidential elections. The real Oz does not exist. This is a similar situation where voters find it difficult to determine the right candidate in elections or the winner and the loser. Dorothy was told by the Wizard who appears in different forms that the real Oz does not exist. Indeed, the Wizard represents the manipulation by the politicians during the era.

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Colors of Money

Land of Oz is descried to be colorful and wonderful. This represents gold and silver. Both valuable metals signify the prevalent monetary politics in 1890s. In addition, the two work in combination. Gold and silver is the most widely used commodity in this era. For instance, the Wizard has a silver whistle and a golden cap (Baum, 1991: 120). The Tin Woodman also receives an axe made of gold. Dorothy also wears silver shoes as she moves back to Oz. In Emerald City, everyone is required to wear green glasses with golden bands. Thus, the colorfulness and wonderfulness of the land represents politicians who developed high desire for money.


In his story the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Frank Baum shows the development of populism in 1890s. This is shown as a political satire on monetary populism. It becomes apparent owing to the characters such as Dorothy, cities and the wizard among others relating with political and monetary happenings during this era.


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