Supervision and Supervisory Roles

There exist differences between supervisory roles and supervision. Supervision entails the overseeing of supervisees’ productivity particularly those who report directly to the supervisor. The supervisor undertakes a constant monitoring of the supervisee to ensure required functioning and quality output. Every supervisee is responsible for the task assigned. Supervision ensures the assigning of all tasks to the appropriate individuals through the periodic evaluation of their performance. Underperformance attracts undesirable consequences. It involves the interventions of a senior member of an organization with certain competencies and skills to the junior members of the same profession, and is an evaluative relationship whose purpose is to enhance the professional functioning of the junior members. Both the supervisor and supervisee have their responsibilities within the supervision process, which must be observed for a fruitful process.

Supervisory role encompass more than the aspect of the supervisees output. It entail teams’ organization, design new rules, and ensuring performance through the observation of various internal and external regulations in an organization. Supervisory roles entail training, planning, scheduling, and motivating. As a trainer, a supervisor enlightens supervisees on new information and skills regarding various tasks that require tackling. The training process assumes a continuous basis to ensure professional development opportunities. As a planner, a supervisor evaluates the objectives and future needs to strategize on the crucial resources and items required to achieve success. As scheduler, a supervisor prepares the schedule to ensure the availability of resources to meet production and customer needs. He or she arranges human, material, and informational resources. In addition, the supervisor schedules facilities and equipments to maximize efficiency and productivity. As a motivator, the supervisor inspires his or her supervisees towards the achievement of a common goal. This entails inspiring teamwork by acknowledging the various aspects of the team members such as career preferences and personal strengths and weaknesses.


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