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There is no doubt that Casablanca movie, ‘Every body goes to Rick’s’ is a great movie from great actors. Actually the movie is ranked amongst the top ten movies of all seasons. Generally, the movie is a combination of three thrilling aspects. That is, the movie combines great romance, wartime events, integrated suspense and a conclusive buddy movie.

It is to be understood that the movie clearly outlays the kind of life or struggles people were engulfed into during World War II in Europe. During this time, the Strong Nazi’s had occupied greater parts of France and were contemplating making movements into unoccupied French territories such as Morocco. The Jews in particular found Morocco to be the safe transit they could use to escape from the ruthless Nazi’s. For instance, we find Victor Lazlo, described in the movie as the chief resistance leader to Nazism escaping with his girlfriend Ilsa through Morocco. Morocco being a safe haven for the Jews escaping Nazi rule is also depicted in Bogart’s café. In the café, Bogart has employed different people who in one way or the other have escaped from the ruthless Nazi’s. For instance, he has employed a Russian and a French croupier.

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The film cast is majorly done on shapes that are black or white in colour. This can be said to be coincidental to the events surrounding the movie. Mostly, during this period of 1942, war was intense and there was no better way to portray the real events than using black and white shapes. Generally, using the different shapes of black and white colour, two different stories are outlined in the film. That is, there is a war story and a story of romance. There is a Great War in Europe known as World War II where the Nazi’s are destroying the Jews. This is one story in the film. On the other hand, romance takes centre stage right from the time Victor Laszlo steps into Casablanca with Ilsa who was Rick’s longtime girlfriend.

Power takes centre stage in the movie. From the onset, people are fleeing Europe because of war. The Nazi’s are exercising their power by killing the weaker Jews. The police power is further revealed through corrupt practices that went unpunished. At the centre of such power vice is Captain Renault who takes huge bribes from the impoverished refugees in order to arrange for their escape.


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