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The play “All My Sons” was written by Arthur Miller. The play mainly features the theme of morality. This play is based on a true story, which takes place in the backyard of the Keller home, in august 1946. The main character is Joe Keller, an uneducated but successful businessperson with adequate finances to cater for his family.

The play starts with Joe Keler reading a Sunday’s newspaper while chatting with the good-natured neighbors; Jim the doctor and his wife, frank the amateur astrologist, Bert the kid who plays with Joe. Frank, lamented that the tree ought not to have been planted because he believed Larry, Joe’s son who had gone missing for 3 years would soon come back. This strengthened the beloved of Kate, Larry’s mom that Larry was not dead, but still alive. Chris the other son of Joe, had planned to propose to Ann Deever, Larry’s girlfriend, but the news of her father’s arrest distracted them. Ann got some news that his father, Steve Deever was in prison for selling cracked cylinder heads to the Air force, which caused twenty-one planes to crash. Joe had been his partner, but he was exonerated after reversing the actual version of events and convincing the court that he had nothing to do with the faulty cylinders.

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Larry wrote to Ann, before his last flight to inform her that he was planning suicide, but Ann never tells this anyone. Kate Keller is aware of his Husband’s guilty, and remains optimistic that Larry is alive. George and Ann disowns their father since they deem him guilty. However, George goes for a last visit to see his father in jail and George convinces him of the actual flow of events. Chris inquired of his father who says he always wanted to build a business for his sons. This makes George furious. Later, Chris disappeared .Kate having believed in the accusations tells Joe that for Chris to return he had to turn himself in. Joe was astonished; having made money for his family all now had turned against him. Ann relieves a letter written by Larry who had committed suicide after knowing of his father’s guilt. Joe in frustration he kills himself.

This stage play has been a success in stage due to following things: sound effects, casting direction, backstage movements and music. All the above being taken care of, the play brought about the feelings and mood of different characters. Kate Keller cannot admit losing his son, “I want you to act like he is coming back”. He tells Frank. Chris cares about the feeling of everybody and tells his father, “The business doesn’t inspire me”. In addition, one can conclude, that Joe only cares about his families welfare, as he says, “I ignore what I gotta ignore” his thoughts occupied with money and cannot admit to his sons of his guilt. (Michael 1). Chris notices how his father lived a lie and he father who killed himself in the fear of being told that he killed his own son. This play has a teaching to all Americans on their priority in life. Why can a man gain so everything and lose everything?


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