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The film Psycho (1960) is an example of continuity editing.The passage of time in the video is demonstrated as it would happen in the normal way. Time is not condensed or space frozen. The shots demonstrate a normal passage of time. The editing does not demonstrate a freeze in space or a reduction The scene takes place in the bathroom, where the lady is having a shower. The editing was done in a way to demonstrate various views of the space in the analyzed scene from the film Psycho. Thus, the in the scene in the shower, there are lower view, side view, bottom view and the front view. Within the editing process the view were put in a coherent and smooth order; they only change when following the characters and work to assist the viewer be engaged in the film in real time. The type of shots suggests that the shooting was done with a stationery camera from different angles. Such a conclusion can be made due to the fact that the images in the clip do not move in some direction but rather stay at one place, the bathroom. The only thing that changes is the angle of the view of the image. That is why it is suggested that the scene was shot using a number of stationery cameras. As for the transition, the scene uses direct cuts, when one cut instantly replaces another shot instantly without any delay. The editing greatly contributes to the continuity of the video and does not slow it.

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The clip from the film A beautiful mind (2001) employs montage contributing to some discontinuity. It is a method employed by film editors in regard to the space, time as well as thoughts of the character. The clip is very engaging since it depicts the flow of the character’s thoughts on picking up the right code combination. Thus, the time in the scene may be both either condensed or or extended. The scene takes place in a huge office; thus, to create the working environment the space is frozen at times. The style used in the clip makes suggestion on the passing of time and is not used to be as a symbol of anything. The style has a lot of views and used a lot of shots on the film. The shots in the scene are from a single angle as the image of the gentleman does not change in most cases. Direct cuts were applied for transitions in the scene since the cuts change instantly. In the scene, one cut easily changes another without any delay or slow fading. It is also important to note that the editing of the movie in this clip contributes to its continuity.

According to Benedetti et al. (2004), sound in a film is categorized based on three basic categories as per how they create the meaning in the film. In the movie Jaws (1975) dialogue and music are applied. The actors are in constant response to each other in regards to the shark and their state. There is a soft music playing in the background throughout the clip. It helps to blend the difficult situation the people are in the scene as well as the tones they are using at the time. The music is low volumed and helps the viewer to hear the dialogue amongst the actors as well as the environment they are in. Music is more prominent in the scene and works well to demonstrate the mood of the scene. The music works well in complementing the scene.

The film When Harry Met Sally (1989) used dialogue as the basic category of sound. The actors are in dialogue with each other and seem to be new to each other. The dialogue works well to develop the mood of the scene, as it seems they are getting to know each other and while the woman is shy, the man is outgoing. The dialogue in the movie works to provide information about the actors such as their names, location as well as their motivations. The dialogue works well in complementing the scene.

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The film The Mask (1994) is a comedy film. Sound effects play a huge role in the movie since there is little dialogue. The sound effects work well to demonstrate the mood of the scene as well as complement the scene. The scene has a lot of exaggerations and this shows that the movie is comical and, thus, the application of the sound effects. The sound of the gun acts in further building the scene as well as other sounds that create the aspect of sound in the film.


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