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The Importance of Extensive Training

Extensive training is necessary if probation officers have to work as required. The attitude of the officer towards the job and the two roles is very important on the treatment that the client receives. Through training a probation officer is able to understand the importance of interpersonal relationships with the offender which is very quality. These quality relationships are important in fostering positive change in the offender. Most policies in these organizations encourage the probation officers to use authoritative supervision strategies. Through the results that were obtained it was evident that there are intensive supervision levels inform of activities like drug tests and supervision contacts. Therefore surveillance oriented activities has ensured intensive supervision. Some of the offenders usually undergo counseling during the follow up sessions and more than fifty percent of these offenders manage to secure employment. It is important to note that the emphasis that is put on control has made many probation officers and parole agents to develop some unacceptable characters (Masters, 1997).

The emphasis on control has made officers to go against their charges for instance most of them have become money collectors, law enforcers, surveillance gadget readers, compliance readers and even incarnate officers. Through research it is very clear that surveillance oriented strategies are not yielding the needed results because it is increasing recidivism as opposed to its reduction. As a result there is a boost in technical violations that are being committed against the offenders. Recidivism rates only tend to diminish when there is participation in the set program. Through the conducted research it was evident that clients that revealed marked improvement in substance addiction experienced low recidivism. Offenders who did not relapse into crimes were those who successfully completed their set programs. On addition, fully participation in the set program greatly diminished recidivism. Many researchers associate the reduced recidivism to offender’s personal initiative of wanting to fully participate in the designed program.

Clients of probation officers often received two referral treatments and this was important in their general outcome because most of them did not go back to unlawful practices. Probation officers are more of social worker officers because they have to strike a balance between law enforcement and assisting the offender to reform. Because of the nature of the work that these officers undertake most of the times they usually reduce technical violation as well as high numbers of new arrests. On the contrary officers who enforce law are characterized by high violation rates as well as reduced rates of new arrests. Officers who strike a good balance between enforcement of the law and helping the offenders usually experienced low numbers of new arrests and reduced violation rates (Whitehead and Hearn, 2006).


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