Sydney Festival

Some of the things that I have found out about Sydney festival are that it was initially launched on the January of 1977 after the government and other concerned organizations realized that most of the people were moving out of the city to other places for entertainment (Merin, Burdick & International Theatre Institute of the United States 1979). As a result the city would become deserted and most of its economic activities would be paralyzed until its populace returned. Thus to retained these people, the festival was initiated and since then it has grown to host as many as eighty different types of events including music, circus, dance, drama and visual arts among others. The festival has had great impacts on the economy of the country through tourist attraction, taxes as well as temporary employment during the festival season (Yeoman, Robertson & Ali-Knight 2004). I have also found out that the event has been striving to achieve its goals. Some of these goals include attracting and retaining people into the city during the month of January, educating and entertaining people from both within and outside Sydney, as well as nurturing both local and international artists.

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In conclusion, Sydney festival is one of the many festivals in Australia whose objectives have successfully been met. Initially conceived by the committee of Sydney, the NSW government and the capital of Sydney, its aim was to attract the various people into the city of Sydney in January as they were going for holidays. From the research that I undertook, Sydney has proved to be the most attended festival since it attracts over one million people every year. Since the introduction of the Festival Night in 2008, the number of attendants has increased greatly and this rate is expected to increase since many more events are still introduced. Another goal that has been successful been achieved is nurturing of artists.

Since it was established, the festival has given both local and international artists an opportunity to shape and improve their talents through the many chances given to them to perform. Young and aspiring artists are also given a chance to interact with experienced artists who in tern help them to become who they desire to be in future. Some of the greatest world’s artists that have ever performed in the Sydney festival include; Robert Wilson, Robert Lepage, Schaubuhne Berlin, Netherlands Dance Theatre, Batsheva Dance Company, Peter Sellars, and the Scotland National Theatre among others. The festival has also successful entertained the audience as well as educating the public. With the presentation of diverse events and programs, the festival has been a greatest entertainer to the audience as some participate in the programs. The presentations are usually helpful since most of them carry a message that is useful to the public. People get the opportunity to learn about other people’s culture and their own as well. It can therefore be deduced that the Sydney festival has achieved its goals.


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