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There are some distinct difference between Quantitative and qualitative research. This is based on the existence of two main approaches in implementing the activity of the research, ‘Quantitative research’ and ‘Qualitative research’. The Qualitative research uses data which are based on meanings spoken through words. As established, one of the generally widespread methods for qualitative data compilation, personal interviews is in addition one of the most demanding.

Quantitative is based on the data that is derived through a process that depends on the amount of data collected for the accuracy of the data. The measure of this research is aimed through the objectives as this method of research allows the ability to attain a greater statistical type. The researcher designed the questionnaire based on established theories or the literature review to collect primary data. According to Creswell, (1998) a research can be either quantitative, qualitative or the use of a case study. Since the formulation of questions was theory driven and the selection of respondents needed to follow statistical rules therefore this research obtained requires the application of case study (Creswell, 1998)

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According to Creswell, (1998) theoretical sampling methods used to support grounded theory approach. Through literature review this paper investigated the concept of universities with high degree completion rates among minority doctoral students, and based on established facts (theoretically) allowed to use the techniques in order to conduct research to investigate the concept and possible relationships and factors that may impact upon it. Creswell, (1998) suggest that secondary analysis is the analysis of data by researchers who will probably not have been involved in the collection of those data. Secondary analysis may entail the analysis of either qualitative data or qualitative data (Creswell, 1998)

The success of the use of case studies in universities with high degree completion rates among minority doctoral students is based on the issue of the application of a single subject survey for the provision of statistical framework for the sake of referencing from the data of the case study that is based on quantitative data. Case study has the implication of the approach of a research that is positioned in the midst of concrete techniques associated with taking of the information and the paradigms of the methodology (Harris & Sutton, 1986).

The choice of case study method in a study of universities with high degree completion rates among minority doctoral students is based on the fact that they in most of the situation deals with the answering of the questions whose starting point is “how” in some cases and “why” in others. The questions are usually directed to restricted cases of events as well as conditions in addition the way that they are interrelated. For the sake of offering some help as well as the formulation of the questions, the researchers use the approach of conducting as review of the appropriate literature. this is done for the sake of the determination of the research that was conducted in the past on the same issue which paves way for the refining of the questions that are insightful in as far as the problem is concerned.

There is a need to carefully define the question in the beginning to facilitate for pinpointing the relevant positions that the evidence can be derived from and it is resourceful towards the determination of the approaches that are to be applied in as far as the study is concerned. In this way, a study of universities with high degree completion rates among minority doctoral students is comprehensively addressed. in the process of conducting the literature review, the purposes that are associated with the case study are defined leading to the determination of the most appropriate audiences well ahead of time that acts as guide to the final report with regard to the most acceptable design of the case study, the way it is conducted and the approach of reporting it to the public (Harris & Sutton, 1986).

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The excellence of the use of case study in conducting a study of universities with high degree completion rates among minority doctoral students is based on its ability to act as a guide to the understanding of the issues that are associated with a significant degree of complexity or the objects in addition to being able to extend the experience or the addition of sufficient potency t the issues that are already established as a result of the previous research that was conducted. Majority of the emphasis that are brought up as a result of the application of the case studies are related to contextual analysis that is detailed with regard to a restricted quantity of the events in addition to the conditions that are related (Yin, 2002). The case study as a form of research has been applied by moist of the researchers for a substantial period of time in most of the existing discipline and they are therefore applicable in an education setting to analyse the potential methods that can be applied in an educational setting.

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According to the Academy of Management Journal by Yin, (2002).case studies have been widely applied as a form of qualitative research in the process of the examination of the modern-day situations of real life and they are essential in the provision of the foundation for the applicability of the ideas in addition to the extension of the appropriate methods. Creswell, (1998) has defined the research method applying the case studies as being experiential investigation that enquires about phenomena that is contemporary in the consideration of the real life context that it is associated with. In the situation that the boundaries that exist in the midst of phenomena and the context are not evident in a manner that is apparent, this leads to the application of evidence from a diversity of sources (Yin, 2002).


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