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The most important source of the strength that is associated with the application of the case study as a method of research in an educational setting relates to its application of multiple sources in addition to the techniques in the processes of gathering of the statistics. There is a chance for the researcher to have a prior determination of the evidence that should be gathered in addition to the most appropriate techniques that can be utilized for the sake of the analysis of the information that shall be derived in a comprehensive answering of research question. The data that is collected is in most of the circumstances qualitative although in some cases it can be of quantitative nature. The tools that are applicable for the collection of the data may encompass the use of surveys, the interviews, the observations in addition to the collection of the artefacts that are physical in nature (Yin, 2002).

The competency of the application of the case studies in an educational setting depends on the accuracy of the application of the data tools that has been designated by the researcher in a manner that is systematic in addition to its coherence in the collection of the available evidence. In the course of the entire phase of design, there is a need for the researchers to ascertain the proper construction of the study for the purpose of facilitating for construct validity, the internal validity, the external validity in addition to the reliability. The construct validity has the requirement that the researcher applies the most appropriate measures in consideration of the concepts that are under study. the importance of the internal validity is specifically noticeable with the explanatory as well as the causal studies and their demonstration of the specific conditions that are consequential to the rest of the conditions and also they call for the application of the multiple evidences that are derived from a diversity of sources that unearths the position of inquiry that is convergent (Creswell, 1998).

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There however exist some people who are critical to the effectiveness of the case studies in an educational setting. Their stand is based on their judgment that the study that involves a minute number of the cases is insufficient in facilitating for a strong ground that qualifies in the establishment of a potent reliability in addition to the generation of appropriate findings. Another category of the critics are for the idea that the passionate exposure to the research involving case is responsible for biasing of the findings (Yin, 2002). There are still others who dismiss the research involving the case study due to its usefulness as exploratory tool only. However there has been success in the application of the case study as has been identified by most of the researchers in the context of the planned as well as the studies that have been carefully crafted in the situations of real life. The issues as well as the problems. There is availability of sufficient literature of case studies that have been conducted in the past and most of the literature relates to educational settings.


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