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A Shinto Patient

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An interview with a Shinto patient in the same hospital gave a view that religion forms a critical support system to patients. According to the Shinto religion, there is a belief that sickness occurs as a result, for negative energy that inflicts a patient (Fratkin, 1997). Thus, the release of the dark energy is an essential process in healing. The Shinto religion has lots of traditionalism as opposed to spirituality. Hence, the hospital stay of the patient was characterized less ritualistic prayer. The Shinto patient asked the nurse in charge to provide a pot having an assortment of flowers and an assortment of plants in his hospital room. The patient also required to be taken to the hospital garden as a characteristic of Shinto belief. This is a form of involving nature in worship that is a belief in nature as a supreme being. The nurse who was in charge of the patient was a staunch Christian, but the patient emphasized that difference in religion is not an issue, but stressed that the key aspect is how a nurse respects spirituality, beliefs and religion of a patient. The nurse did every necessary thing to ensure that the patient practiced his religion. Both religions do not understand people to be converted in order to understand the practice.


There are different belief systems among religious groups in healthcare provision. It is necessary for health care providers to understand the difference in religious belief systems, in order to, effectively provide medical care. Religious faiths and beliefs should be incorporated with medical care provision to achieve a holistic medical care to patients. Doctors and nurses should consider the religious belief of a patient, when offering medical services.


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