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Cigarette smoking has become so rampant in the modern-day society. Individuals smoke without considering the impact it has on their health, as well as the general society. Smoking is a habit that continues to grow and has spilled over to public areas. As much as cigarette smokers may justify why they engage in smoking, this trait ought to be banned in the public due to its effects. The effects of smoking to a person’s health vary. Cigarette smoking results in odor emanating from the body of the smoker, as well as awful breath. This interferes with the social life of an individual, since he or she cannot freely interact with others in public. In addition, this odor makes others uncomfortable. Public smoking affects the health of others. Effects resulting from smoking include: increased heartbeat, high blood pressure, or a reduction in blood streaming to other body organs. In addition, smoking may lead to dizziness, nausea, weakened sense of taste and smell, watery eyes, hyperacidity, as well as loss of appetite. All these affect individuals in public areas as they are passive smokers (Leone 20).

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When exposed to cigarette smoke, expectant ladies have a higher risk of having premature birth, miscarriage, low birth weight, and stillbirth, which gravely impacts on the development and maturity of the infant. This affects not only those who smoke, but also passive smokers, mostly in public places. Smoking leads to a lower sperm count, a reduction in mobility of sperms, and extremely elevated percentage of malformed sperms in men. It further results in lowered levels of sex hormones, as well as infertility, which materializes due to the destruction of blood vessels that nourish the reproductive system (Hayashi 34).

Smoking hampers a skin’s healthy breathing as it impacts on the physiological roles of the body. As a result of this, facial creases become visible at a tender age and may make an individual look aged. Cigarette smoking has several withdrawal symptoms in case one intends to quit. Some of the signs include anxiety and nervousness. The unrelenting desire to smoke further haunts a smoker. Smoking in public places also interferes with the working relations of employees in case one of them is a smoker. The smell of cigarette smoke is very irritating.

Persons who smoke have a high probability of developing other smoking-related illnesses. This also applies to non-smokers who come across the cigarette smoke, particularly in public places. The illnesses include complications of the respiratory tract, such as pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. Cigarette smoking may also lead to the development of stomach ulcers. The reduced blood flow to the legs of an individual may result in the development of peripheral vascular disorders. Emphysema is also a common disease brought about by cigarette smoke, in which an individual’s lungs disintegrate as a result of the development of miniature airways. Other illnesses aggravated by cigarette smoke are heart and coronary diseases. The most treacherous of the illnesses is cancer, particularly lung cancer. Additionally, illnesses of the mouth, throat, pancreas, bladder, stomach, kidney, and cervix are linked to cigarette smoke (Hunter 45). Places, such as cinemas, public transport sector, pubs, restaurants, as well as nightclubs, should not allow free cigarette smoking. This is also supposed to apply in workplaces, public vehicles, and other means of transport. As much as smoking is an individual’s freedom, it should be acknowledged that it also interferes with other people’s health. This is because secondary smokers are negatively affected by this behavior. Public smoking is insensitive and offensive. Smoking publicly would also portray a bad picture to children who might follow this device in future (Benner 63). Surely, cigarette smoking has more negative influences than positive ones. A lot of innocent individuals are affected by its smoke as they are passive smokers. Based on its effects, cigarette smoking in public places ought to be banned.


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