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The Hybridization Phenomenon

The hybridization phenomenon has worked excellently in the commercial realm and has been a major application of the Gene Theory. Just the way factories are created with the aim of maximizing profits, the assumption is that living organisms can also be created in the same principle. What is wrong now is the advancement in genetical engineering (Maessen, 18). It is with no doubt that, with this process, there is a situation where the conscious life of organisms will be manipulated (Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration). To understand this we have to use an analogy. When biotechnology is used, roses are not crossed with roses but rather different organisms are mated with others.

For example, butterflies are mated with worms, tomatoes with oak trees, while orchids are mated with snakes. This process essentially introduces a violent chemical reaction that alters the nuclear membrane of the cells. If this technology is allowed to spread, there will be widespread externality in the world, such as the spread of cancer-related diseases. For instance, in the 1950s, few people agreed that chemical pollution could be a global environmental harm, but today 30% of all species are threatened with extinction.

Nowadays, there are over fifty genetically modified crops that are commercially allowed in the United States. Herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant crops are among those that have succeeded in the market. Some virus-related crops like papaya and squash are cultivated on a small scale. However, most products found in the markets are not commercially modified for food crop. These include the first genetically modified food crops like altered oil canola and other engineered tomatoes and several BT crops. The BT and HT crops have gained more popularity in the US farming and have been adopted in large scale.

Public awareness

The public has the right of full disclosure of the type and quality of products they are about to buy. There should be enough information about genetically modified foods so that every consumer can be aware of the level of danger he/she is being subjected to. Some of the reasons that make manufacturers and marketers fail to reveal the required information is:

  • Difficulties in evaluating the safety level of food substances in the case of a single chemical or drug. Food substances are more complex to identify their composition as they vary in agronomic and growing conditions.
  • There are few publications available for toxicity of genetically modified foods. We, therefore, find a consumer supplied with so many options of GM substances, but the data that is available is not sufficient. Currently, the toxic level is tested by chemical analysis of the micro and macro nutrients. However, better methods are needed in order to supply the users with adequate information.

Unknowingly, a consumer can take these foods and develop metabolism problems. On this note, better methods are needed to screen the harmful consequences of human and animal health before releasing any genetically modified crops into the consumption food chain.


It has been said that the engineered crops have saved the world against the danger of hunger epidemics, but we are left with more problems than solutions regarding the future of this trend. Since not every consumer is opt to consume the GMO substances, the manufacturers should have a way of creating awareness to them, either by providing full information about the product, or proper labeling of these products. The efficacy in commercial production should not be assumed, but should be fully tested to determine the exponential increase in GM development and research. By neglecting constructively to find the future position of GMOs, we may be inventing another problem like the current environmental conservation problem. Crop engineers and their host companies should follow the rules and regulations set aside by the government to enhance the safety of their end users, other than the rush to declare crop inventions that will finally be a world catastrophe.


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