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Natural Active Immunity
Naturally Passive Immunity
Artificially Active Immunity
Artificially Passive Immunity
Adoptive Immunity

1.Considered the “best” form to have, “but there’s a catch”: Naturally Active Immunity

2. Associated with breast feeding and colostrums: Naturally Passive Immunity

3. Associated with IgG placental transfer inuter:  Naturally Passive Immunity

4. Associated with genetically engineered Hepatitis B surface antigen vaccination: Artificially Active Immunity.

5. Associated with Hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIg) shot given post needle stick injury in a non vaccinated individual: Artificially Passive Immunity

6. Concept of stem cell or bone marrow transplants: Adoptive Immunity

7. Getting a real infection and recovering: Naturally active Immunity

8. Associated with people with non-functioning immune systems: Artificially active Immunity

9. Polio vaccine and DPT are examples of this type: artificially active immunity

10. Giving injections of pooled ab typically from animal/human sources to treat exposures to various natural toxins is called artificially passive Immunity

Part Two

  1. type I
  2. type II
  3. type III
  4. type IV
  5. type V

11. Penicillin allergy falls into this type: Type I

12. Poison ivy sensitivity falls into this type: Type II

13. TB skin tests or PPD falls into this type: Type III

14. Hemolytic Transfusion reactions falls into this type: Type IV

15. HDN, Hemolyitc Disease of the New Born falls into this type: Type III

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16. Bee sting allergy falls into this type: Type I

17. IgE antibody is involved with this type: Type I

18. This reaction is Tc mediated: Type IV

19. SLE falls into this type: Type III

20. The use of epinephrine (epi pen) may be used for severe forms of this type: Type I

                                                            Part Three
a. classical pathway

b. alternate pathway

c. both of the above

d. neither of the above

  1. Needs 2 IgG’s or 1 IgM to start the pathway: Classical Pathway
  2. Uses CRP to start the pathway: Classical Pathway
  3. Has a C3 convertase called C3bBbP: Alternate Pathway
  4. Uses factors C1, C4 and C2: Classical Pathway
  5. Has a membrane attack complex made up of C5b6,7,8: Alternate Pathway
  6. Requires C9 to be present for lysis to occue: Alternate Pathway

27. AHG stand for anti human globulin and is usually made in an animal model and is specific for binding normally to a FAB portion of human antibody.

  1. true
  2. b.   false
  3. In blood banking AHG is also known as Coombs reagent

a. True

b. False

29. The DAT looks for ab coated cells that occurred invivo

  1. True
  2. b.   False

30. .CRP tests often have postzone problems causing false negatives.

  1. a.   true
  2. false

31.CRP has which of the following properties

  1. a.   Can activate the classical complement pathway
  2. produced in the liver
  3. levels rise 1000X in days and because of this has postzone problems
  4. can act like an opsonin
  5. all of the above

32.Prozone is ______and results in a false____

  1. a.   too much ab and false negative
  2. too much ab and false positive
  3. too much ag and false neg
  4. to much ag and false positive
  5. none of the above

33.To show a significant ab titer one can demonstrate a

  1. a.   4 fold rise or fall in antibody
  2. 2 dilution rise in antigen
  3. 4 fold rise in antigen
  4. 2 dilution fall in antigen
  5. all of the above

34. The normal ratio of CD4 to CD8 is 1:2 but is often reversed in HIV patients with AIDS.

a. True

b. False

35 . A significant titer is

  1. a.   four fold rise
  2. four fold fall
  3. 2 dilution rise
  4. 2 dilution fall
  5. all of the above

36. C3b has the following properties

a. Can activate the classical complement pathway

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b. produced in the kidney

c. levels rise 1000X in days and because of this has postzone problems

d. can act like an opsonin

e. all of the above

37. Two dilutions differences is the same as four fold

A. True

b. False

38.Conjugates are best defined as

a. when two substances are joined to make an indicator or visualizing substance to show ag and ab reactions

b. AHG tagged with Enzyme

c. AHG tagged with FITC

d. AHG tagged with I 125

e. all of the above are true

39.Zone of equivalence are ______and results in a____

                  a. too much ab , false negative

b. too much ab , false positive

c.too much ag , false neg

d. to much ag , false positive

e.correct concentration of ag and ab,  visible reactions

40.What is the dilution in tube 10 in a serial 10 tube dilution using 50ul of patient sample and 50ul of diluent in each tube.

  1. 256
  2. b.   512
  3. 1024
  4. 2048
  5. none of the above

41 : In serologic testing on a patient with a hypothetical disease, the following results were obtained

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a)      acute specimen titer       1.8

b)      post specimen titer         1.32

Your best conclusion would be

a. Inconclusive, the results do not show a fold rise

b. Repeat the test with another specimen to see if a 1:128 or four fold increase occurs

c. Conclusive the patient has a four fold rise

d. Negative result, the titer is too low to be significant

e. To check with Wayne for a consult (not the right answer)

42: An adjuvant is best defined as

a. an allergen

b. a substance that causes a heterophile response to a carrier protein

c. a substance that will react with antibody but is not capable of stimulating it alone.

d. a substance that allows for the slow release of an antigen to provide a greater and more sustained immunologic response.


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