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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse Statistics (2001), the prevalence of smoking among the youths in the US is on the decline, unfortunately, about 5000 young people start smoking every day. Cigarette smoking is a pervasive, dangerous health problem leading to thousands of people suffering from major diseases of the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory system. In light of the catastrophic health implications of cigarette smoking it is necessary to ban cigarette smoking in USA.

To start with, smoking cigarettes influences body weight, suppresses hunger, and diminishes nutrient a smoker’s nutritional status. Smoking itself ceases the feeling of hunger; thus, instead of taking food they opt to smoke. This leads to reduced body weight. On average, studies have shown that non-smokers have a higher weight than smokers do.

According to Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 2008, smoking adverse effects account for one death for every five in the United States. It demonstrates that tobacco leads to more number of deaths than does accidents, suicides and HIV/AIDS. Almost all lung cancer patients are victims of cigarette smoking. It is thus a high time to consider the legality of cigarette smoking in the USA.

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According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, smoking increases an individual’s risks to health problems by almost a half. This is to say that a smoker is two to about five times more likely to experience cardiovascular diseases and other respiratory infections associated with smoking. The probability male smokers acquiring lung cancer is twenty three times more than non-smokers do. For smoking women, it is estimated that they are fourteen times more likely to suffer lung cancer than women that do not smoke. These infections lead to poor delivery and services from the affected. Poor performance, high sick-off leaves is prevalent to smokers than non-smokers.

Smoking practiced by pregnant women has adverse effects to the unborn child. There is an elevated risk of premature birth, stillbirth, and underweight births. It is advised that smoking should be banned completely. The effects are so prevalent even to the innocent such as the unborn.

Further studies have concluded that passive smoking has ten times more health-related consequences than active smoking. This is due to the incomplete combustion of the carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide combines with the erythrocytes hemoglobin causing a complex compound. This leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the brain causing dizziness and unconsciousness. Excessive exposure can lead to sudden death as the brain runs out of oxygen. Passive smoke exposure is prevalent at the work place, markets, and social sites. According to research, passive smoke has more than 70 toxic substances that are likely to cause addiction, dizziness and headache to non-smokers.

Exposure of passive smoke to children raises their likelihood of sudden death, infections of the ear, pneumonia and severe asthma. There is also reduced growth rate of the child’s lungs. In the insurance field, smoking individuals are forced to pay higher premiums in order to discourage them. This policy has been in the forefront in discouraging smoking in the US. Addiction issues have led to major criminal activities. For example, an addicted young adult will be forced to commit a crime either by robbing or stealing money to purchase the cigarettes. Thus, cigarette smoking threatens individuals’ social, mental, and physical health. In view of the adverse health and social harms associated with cigarette smoking, it would be wise to ban it and stiff penalties imposed on individuals that violate the law. It is beyond doubt that smoking cigarette has major disadvantages to the citizens of USA. Therefore, cigarette smoking should be prohibited in the United States of America.


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