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Health Care Reform

Medicaid is a national insurance policy which aims at providing health care services for the poor in the American society. The policy since its implementation in 2005 has attracted both criticism and praise in equal measures. The program receives huge funding from both the national government and federal government respectively.

It is a program that has seen many poor Americans being able to access quality health care which they could not have found from the health care insurance market that was dominated by the private sector. However, the policy fails to address the needs of adult poor especially those that do not have dependants like children and mothers who are expectant.

However, the question that the policy raises is whether it adequately addresses the question of paying back the doctors for non pocket benefits they used to get before implementation of the policy began in 2005. If the policy does not address the problem of doctor reimbursement then doctors will not be willing to work in government/public hospitals will in the future affect the implementation of the program. To avoid such a situation maybe the government could consider giving a Medicaid allowance to doctors.

Another point also that the policy fails to address is the personal effort that everybody puts in place to improve their personal development. This policy makes poor people fail to put in place their own measures to take cater for their health.

In addition, the policy fails to address investment in health insurance industry because many people will not be willing to purchase health insurance policy from the private sector.


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