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Various arguments and questions concerning the safety and use of Genetically Modified Foods (GMF or GMO foods) have been elicited in various platforms all over the world. There has existed lots of advancement in the field of agriculture in which a group of scientists have discovered several ways in which food production can be increased by genetically modifying them. Genetically modified food is one that is produced through the alteration or modification of the genes of natural foods. This is done in order to enhance its sustainability and growth and reduce the chances of being spoiled by fungi and bacteria that cause various diseases. Genetic modification of food is a process in which the genes are biotechnologically forced to behave in accordance with some specific characteristics (Nordlee, 1996).

The biotechnological modification, or changing of the original characteristics of an organism, is normally done on the basis of the organism’s DNA, or the deoxyribonucleic acid, which is responsible for carrying genetic information in a specific cell. Though genetically modified foods are lauded because of their numerous benefits to the human race, they have, on the other hand, been attributed to various problems afflicting human kind. For instance, genetically modified foods have been known to cause allergies in some individuals. A good example of allergies which may be caused by GMF is when an individual or individuals who are allergic to some specific food like, for instance, fish consume other food products like tomatoes which are injected with genes that are similar to those found in fish. Individuals consuming such foods are at a greater risk of having allergies or being affected by the allergens than individuals who consumed food that is not genetically modified (Brigulla, et al, 2010).

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In order to increase food nutrition and minimize the use of chemical-like pesticides in food, the use of genetically modified foods has been discovered to achieve these aims. Genetically Modified Foods, or GMF, has become one of the largest and most successful food experiments in the history of the world and what is more, it was considered to be one of the most beneficial improvements in modern food production. Although genetically modified foods are a mixture of blessings coupled with lots of benefits, they have, at the same time, aroused misconceptions among some people about their safety when consumed by human beings. In order to realize many aspects of GMO foods, it is vital to dispel such misconceptions among people who are opposed to the consumption of genetically modified foods (Al, 2004).

GMF are beneficial in that these modifications make the plants which are genetically modified to ripen faster, enhance their look and taste, and provide Third World Countries with food that is not only cheaper but healthier. Because of its attractive and new accomplishments, genetically modified foods have won the admiration of various people across all parts of the entire world. Because of their benefits, efforts and strategies should be put in place to ensure that the disadvantages of being claimed by the proponents are dealt with once and for all. Consumers should thus be informed of the characteristics of GMO food products to avoid violation of human rights (Franchino, 2008).

Studies Concerning GMF Safety

Studies that are in favor of using genetically modified food products.

Genetically modified foods are beneficial because unlike other kinds of foods, they are capable of easily growing in any kind of soils like, for instance, in areas affected by drought, erosion, or highly acidic conditions. Moreover, GMF are capable of tolerating the use of herbicides in addition to growing in areas which are ever having climatic changes. It is because of this advantages that genetically modified foods can easily be grown as compared to other foods. The claims by proponents of genetically modified foods that the use of herbicides during the growth of GM crops leads to damage on the soil should not be considered serious. This is because such damages have arisen due to the farmers’ ignorance and improper use of agricultural techniques when growing Genetically Modified crops. 


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