The Safety of GMF

There have been growing concerns among some people that the use of pesticides, which are associated with genetically modified food, will lead to resistance of pests towards some types of drugs. An example of the drugs that insects developed resistance towards is the DDT Insecticide (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) which is now banned in most countries all over the world (Aris, 2011).

Studies Showing Evidence against Risks Related to Pesticide Exposure

Efforts by scientist in genetic engineering have resulted in creating food crop varieties that are not only herbicide resistant but also virus and insect resistant. Pesticides which are potentially dangerous have been countered through the growing of such varieties, thus leading to minimal use of the pesticides, enhanced yields, reduction in soil erosion, and improved weed control. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States of America is responsible for making sure that genetically modified food products are safe for the environment through critically assessing them in terms of food and environmental safety before they can be commercialized.

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The Safety of Genetically Modified Foods

In general, studies conducted have depicted that genetically modified foods are safe for human consumption as long as the right procedural policies have been implemented. It should be noted that GMF are not just carelessly produced but rather, their production is based on rigorous testing and safety investigations before being allowed for commercial use and human consumption. Laws requiring producers of genetically modified foods are meant to protect consumers who do not want to consume any genetically modified foods. In essence, there has been no tangible evidence to reflect the harm or injury that has emerged as a result of the consumption of genetically modified foods.

Based on studies conducted, genetically modified foods have been proven to be even more nutritious and healthier as opposed to natural foods, and therefore, their safety concerns should not be doubted. Genetically modified foods are beneficial to the human generation because they do not get into the germ line and thus cannot have a negative impact on future generations as compared to the natural foods. The cost of genetically modified foods is much cheaper as compared to the natural foods, which makes them a must-have for populations that have become vulnerable due to hunger.


At the moment, there is no sufficient data to form a solid opinion against the harmfulness of genetically modified foods. There are even no known consequences which have arisen due to GMF consumption and there is even a lack of published scientific evidences regarding the effects which were caused by genetically modified foods. It is because of these facts that further studies ought to be carried out in order to address all the issues raised by the proponents or individuals who are against GMF. Awareness campaigns should also be carried out to educate the general public concerning the use and safety of GMF and further research should be done to enhance their usefulness (Evenson, et al, 2004).

 Regarding the fact that there has been no evidence linking genetically modified food to harm or injury, governments all over the world should encourage the production and eventual use of genetically modified foods. By so doing, vulnerable populations in various parts of the world, especially in Third World Countries, will be capable of catering for the food security of the masses that have become malnourished and vulnerable due to hunger. Governments will also be able to cut on the costs that are related to the purchase of natural foods which are expensive as compared to genetically modified foods. Further safety and protection laws should be put in place and implemented to ensure that the safety of genetically modified foods is guaranteed. Consumer education should also be carried out all over the world to educate the masses about the safety of GMO products in order to encourage its production and subsequent use. All stakeholders should come on board with an aim of discussing and agreeing on the production and use of genetically modified foods because they have been ascertained to be safe.


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