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Gene Transfer in GMF

According to the surveys, 85% to 90% of consumers worldwide would prefer if all genetically modified products meant for human consumption were correctly labeled in order for them to make informed right choices concerning their taste, preference, and overall health condition. The labeling of the GM food products, especially regarding the nutritional content, will enhance the customers’ ability of ascertaining whether the nutritional content of such products were altered. For instance, the information concerning the alteration or modification of nutritional content for tomatoes, which are known to be a major source of vitamin C, should be a right that customers ought to be aware of. This is because such knowledge will help the consumers to ascertain whether such products have lost their nutritional content as a result of the genetic modification (Nestle, 2010).

No strong evidence against genetically modified foods.

The review of the data available has shown that there is clearly no strong evidence which suggests that GMF are injurious to the health of human beings. However, review of numerous sources of information has pointed towards the use of genetically modified foods. It is as a result of these facts that genetically modified foods will withstand the test of times.

Studies Showing Evidence of Gene Transfer in GMO Products

From research conducted, it was ascertained that there are means through which the genes of crops that are genetically modified can move to other crops which are not genetically modified. In simple language, genetically modified plants or crops are capable of polluting natural crops that are nearby. This transfer of genes is made possible through wind, birds, and insects which are known for carrying genetically modified seeds into the nearby natural crop fields by mistake. This influences the general composition of natural foods. A good example happened in February this year, when thousands of bags which were imported from the United States had to be destroyed in the United Kingdom as soon as it was confirmed that they were composed of genetically modified corn. The destroyed corn had been genetically engineered, as it was revealed, because of pollution which arose from the crops of the neighbor. By so doing, people will definitely become convinced with the idea of producing and using genetically modified food products.

Studies Showing Evidence against Gene Transfer in GMF

Modern research has pointed out that, indeed, there is no gene which works in isolation and that the impact of a gene is dependent on how it interacts with the surrounding and other genes. The insertion of foreign genetic elements is therefore a random process which occurs in the absence of associated regulatory elements and normal promoter sequences which regulate the timing, quantity, and duration taken by each gene. Gene transfer through genetically modified means is the same as the viral infection process (Pampel, 2006).


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