History essay samples

Discussion: American History essay

Chapter 9 Till the beginning of the 19th century, America utilized the same types of transportation... Continue reading »

Islamic Spain: Formation of Anduls essay

The Role of Arabs in Formation of al-Andalus The Iberian Peninsula, which is divided into the great ... Continue reading »

Final Exam: The Cold War and the Foreign Policy of the United Arab Emirates essay

Question 1 There is a commonly known statement ‘History repeats itself.’ If one looks ba... Continue reading »

Study of Wright’s Paper Sui Yang-Ti essay

Yang-Ti has been considered throughout history as a political figure, a historical subject, and a ba... Continue reading »

The Immigrant Experience essay

The United States of America experienced major waves of immigration during the era of colonization, ... Continue reading »

The Code of Hammurabi essay

The Code of Hammurabi is the most important law code of the ancient Middle East and the predecessor ... Continue reading »

Ruling Dynasties in China essay

1. The Zhou dynasty ruling was marked by aggravating a problem of threat from northern invaders &nda... Continue reading »

The Real Reason of the Civil War essay

The crucial question whether the Civil War was about slavery or about states’ rights have been... Continue reading »

Is the Possibility of Ending the Depression Reason Enough to Join the War? essay

Among the Americans, there is a stereotype that the Great Depression was over because of the explosi... Continue reading »

Industrialization after the Civil War essay

American Revolution, a Consequent of Democracy Background Following the increased radicalization of ... Continue reading »

Ming Dynasty essay

Question 1 During Ming Dynasty, four “constitutional crises” led to destroying previous ... Continue reading »

US History Since 1865 essay

The Great Depression and World War II have marked and changed the course of history on worldwide are... Continue reading »

Neo-Liberalism and Globalization essay

After the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, the world has entered the next stage of ... Continue reading »

Struggles Women Have Gone through and Endured to Be Engineers throughout History essay

Introduction From ancient and prehistoric times, women were known to be the keepers of hearth and ho... Continue reading »

American History essay

Part 1 In the modern world with thousand volumes of information produced each day, it is hard to fin... Continue reading »

Native American History essay

Introduction Different nations and civilizations across the world have come a long way with the majo... Continue reading »

Two Heroes essay

In the history of the society's development, there are true heroes who dedicated their lives to maki... Continue reading »

Cultural Revolution essay

All revolutions bring changes to the society, but these changes are not always positive. Some revolu... Continue reading »

The Paleolithic Period essay

Over the years a lot of advances on human development have become eminent. Man has made a lot of eff... Continue reading »

The Place of Women essay

Gender is an issue that pre-existed and continued to elicit sundry feelings in the society. It has i... Continue reading »

American Revolution and King George III essay

The Great American War of Independence, better known as the American Revolutionary War, was raged on... Continue reading »

Reconstruction Plans essay

The end of the civil war marked the emergence of a new America, the one known today. Major transform... Continue reading »

Space Exploration from 1977-1983 essay

Ideally, space exploration is not a recent phenomenon, but one that has existed for many years since... Continue reading »

Pop Culture and Puritans essay

Puritans were members of the Church of England. They were Protestants who arose during the sixteenth... Continue reading »

The Birth of American Tourism essay

The Birth of American Tourism: New York, the Hudson Valley and American Culture, 1790-1830 BY Richa... Continue reading »
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