The Paleolithic Period

Over the years a lot of advances on human development have become eminent. Man has made a lot of efforts to improve their way of life. The artistic history becomes a key element of human development. Human evolution history backdates from the ancient times where there was little artistic development. The artistic history relates from the Old Stone Age period up to the new Stone Age period. The Stone Age period refers to the period where stone was the main material used for making items. The period was also referred to as Paleolithic period. The Paleolithic period marks a significant prehistoric period in human development. Human evolution was evidenced in this period. Artistic developments became part of the human development history. Artistic developments in terms of architecture, clothes and weapons were evident. A lot of cultural transformation occurred, and human beings changed their ancient way of life for the better. Advances in decorative items represent the development of human forms from apes to Homo sapiens.

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The Paleolithic period refers to the period between 4000 and 8000 BC. The period associates with human development from the less developed forms with low brain capacity to Homo sapiens. Men evolved from apes and Homo habilis with lower intellectual capacity to more advanced forms with higher brain capacity. Development of the intellectual capacity of the human being was evidenced through better making of tools and weapons. During the Paleolithic period, the way of life was becoming harder due to changing weather patterns. Paleolithic period has three stages: the lower Paleolithic era, the middle Paleolithic period and the upper Paleolithic period.

Development of ancient human forms to present man revolves around the three periods. Hunting and gathering was the main source of food for ancient people. In the early Paleolithic period, man could make artistic items from different objects such as bones, wood, clay and stones. They could also make some decorations of animals on the walls of the caves. However, the ancient forms of human beings did not have permanent dwelling places as compared to the Homo erectus.

The Paleolithic art had two subgroups: small sculptures and paintings. Man made carvings of different items, which was a significant improvement in the artistic history. People’s intellectual capacity enabled them to make efficient weapons which were much lighter and easier to use. Man used the weapons for hunting and defensive purposes. Human beings made women carvings referred to as the Venus figures. The carvings demonstrated artistic skills that people had developed. Paleolithic period presents a period in history that is characterized by the improvement in human form in terms of thinking and intellectual capacity. Man easily applied their knowledge to solve day-to-day challenges. The artistic items were symbolic with a clear indication of the ancient life.

Development of more advanced tools referred to as flakes relates to the Paleolithic period. Flakes made at this stage were sharper and easier to use as compared to flakes made at the lower Paleolithic period. Human beings in this period lived in caves and rock shelters. There was a significant improvement in the way man developed their tools. They developed triangular hand axes which proved to be more efficient as compared to the older ones. Archeologists have made a lot of discoveries on the historical sites that contain evidence of the Paleolithic era (Esaak).

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A lot of historical artifacts found in the historical sites prove the existence of art as part of human development. Confusion arises between the forms of human development forms found in the middle Paleolithic period and the upper Paleolithic period. Archaeologists show that Homo sapiens existed in the upper and middle Paleolithic period. Many parts of the world portrayed diversity in terms of styles and production of different artistic items. The different cultures contributed to differences in the produced artistic items.

The upper Paleolithic period marked tremendous development of man’s way of life. People made many achievements at this stage. The older tools got replaced with more advanced tools and artistic items. Cultural changes occurred at this stage as the man tried to improve their way of life. Improvised tools made during this stage include blades which replaced flakes (Paleolithic Period).

Man’s intellectual capacity was developing as evidenced by inventions made at this stage. People invented needles, threads spears and unique fishing equipment. At this point man also developed skin clothes. Improvement in the dwelling places indicated a significant advancement in human development as well. Man started making pit houses which sheltered them from harsh climate and offered protection from animals. There were notable improvements in terms of drawing designs, paintings and sculpturing art. The materials used for making tools at this stage included the bones and ivory. Moreover, social structure changed and man participated in ceremonies. Other artistic features included music and dance. The arts at this period represented various factors such as fertility and magic. Therefore, the period marked a shift from older forms of human beings to a much more advanced stage of human being referred to as Homo sapiens (Prehistoric Art of the Stone Age).


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