Free «Ammu and Velutha» Essay Sample

Ammu and Velutha
  • Ammu

She is a key character in this story, as she is the mother of the twins who have developed the story to the end. She is very beautiful and sarcastic and has been a victim of her father and husband respectively. She grew up in Delhi with her parents but did not go to college since her father considered it unnecessary for girls. (Roy 2005 37-38)Her encounter with the future husband was at a wedding reception who later abused her and she decided to quit. She returns to Avemenem house but later sends Estha back to live with her father after she was hit by economic hardships. Her brother Chacko sends her parking, and as a result, she moves in to a cheap hotel where she dies at the age of 31. Her body is cremated since the Syrian church will not burry her.

  • Chacko

He is Ammu’s older brother, very charming but unkempt. He is a scholar at oxford where he met Margaret who was working in an Oxford café. (Ticklell 2007) He marries her, but she grows tired of him within a year, and they later divorced at the time their daughter was born. He moves back to Avemenem and starts running his mother’s factory but is not successful. This happens because of his poor management. His divorce and Sophie’s death devastate him, and he migrates to Canada.

The above-mentioned characters are Static. Ammu for instance makes no new development after the divorce from her husband. She finds love in another man, and both are after small things. Their love does not last long due to the interference by her family. Finally, she dies in a cheap hotel room at a very young age having achieved nothing in life.

Chacko, on the other hand, does not improve on anything after the divorce from Margaret, and is not able to run the business left to him by his mother. The death of his daughter affects him greatly, and he decides to move to Canada to start all again.

The book is sentimental, and most of it talks about love. According to (Roy 2005 37-38) the book gives the reader a deeper understanding of different dimensions of love and this makes the book didactic. For instance, Ammu and Velutha’s love is forbidden, and that is why it has a special flavor and intensity.

Roy quotes saying “when you bring pain to others, when they love you unsatisfactorily. That is the result of careless speech. The effect is that people love you less".

The rating of this book is in the scale 8 because it received the 1997 Booker price in New York Times Notable Books of the year. ”From the start the book was a hit and a top seller: as a result of this Roy was given an advance of half a million pounds.“ The book received reviews in major American newspaper as “a dazzling first novel, extraordinary” “at once so morally strenuous, and so imaginatively supple”. However, United Kingdom criticism was negative, and the book’s award as the best seller was controversial. Carmen Call a Booker prize judge called the novel”execrable” In India; it was criticized for its unstrained description of sexuality.


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