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Asoka’s Policy on Dharma

Asoka was a remarkable emperor of India. He embraced Buddhism and it was such an unheard view of a king in this era. Indian historical inscriptions were edited on rocks. Emperor Asoka made such edits on pillars and rocks. Modern historians base their findings on Asoka’s Buddhism interests. People practiced Buddhism with an aim of bringing peace and happiness to the world (Hermann, 2007).

Moral Philosophy

Buddha in his work of Kings Duties says that human beings are moral beings and their virtues should advise their activities without laws imposed on them. According to Overfield and Alfred (2012), Asoka’s philosophical state of governance is in line with the teaching of Buddha’s belief that people should not be controlled as if they do not have a rationale capacity. In his reign, Asoka was able to connect with ordinary people, without religious discrimination. This is attributed to his admiration of Buddha’s teachings. (Hermann, 2007)

Asoka’s Policy on Dharma

After his mastery of Kalinga (261 BC), Asoka describes the brutality of that battle. Hundreds of people were killed, some abducted as captives of the war and others died from injuries incurred in the war. These abuses to human kind changed Asoka’s heart and he decided to embrace Buddhism. This was consistent with Buddha’s teaching on collective responsibility and principal aspects of morality (Hermann 2007). Buddha called this doctrine enlightenment.

Lay Persons (Upasaka)

After the battle, of Mauryan, Asoka opted to become an Upasaka, which was Despotism of paternity. According to this policy, all children belong to Upasaka. The aim of his change was enhancing the welfare of his subjects according to the doctrine of Buddha. Upasaka was a principle of Buddha in duties accorded a king (Overfield, 2012).


King Asoka’s governance style was meant to create a harmonious living among his citizens. He achieved this by embracing Buddhism. He came up with rules and regulations that unified the community.


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