The way people communicate has been constantly changing. This has also happened over the recent past years with an aim of developing new ways or communication modes that may be efficient. It has been witnessed that some aspects or activities that continue to change with time is technology and particularly its influence on the communication sector. This occured due to the improvisation of comunication ways or transfer of information from one point to another. It has enabled efficiency in the way people conduct their usual activities. Frost quotes that due to technology, the global communication is “a dynamic, ongoing process involving the integration of markets to a level never witnessed before” (Atkin 218). This paper highlights and explains the new ways that have been adopted for the purpose of exalting people’s lifestyle. It also describes the ways and behaviors that have been developed by the people due to the influence of technology on their communication.

Supporting this argument, it is clear that most businesses of the world require communication. However, they have different expectation regarding the improved technology in the field of communication. This has been achieved as the concern can efficiently communicate, share information or messages through email, fax, instagram, social media and telephones. Holy Grail also explains the importance of communication in business, “how much more profitable is a customer who logs onto the brand’s website every day to interact with the product and other customers” (Bourke 112). Most offices of the world use these communication methods to relay messages to their clients and to communicate with their colegues within the company.

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Whereas technology has played a vital role in the communication, for one to interact or to communicate with his rfriends, it is important to have a personal contact with the devices used when relaying or submitting the information. However, there are some disadvantages of this method as compared to the use of other ways of communication, such as using Messenger to send a message from one place to another. The reason is that the information to be received may be inaccurate, namely there may be some exaggerations or a person can forget some information to transmit. This kind of communication is opposite to the to the improvised one. Nevertheless, the information transmitted through the new or more developed communication technology is accurate. It means that the information reaches the receiver in the exact version of the sender . With the help of this high technology method, the time used for addressing certain information is reduced and its efficiency is increased. It also helps to save time because the information or messages are digitally sent within a very short period of time as compared to the manual communication where the information has to be written first and only then sent (Ohm 43).

Technology has made communication easier, as the people can interact locally, globally and internationally without any limitation. One of the examples of such communication is social media like “Facebook” and many others. Rupert Murdoch said “I don’t follow all media titans, but I talk about how print media need to change and adopt digital methods that would favor digital natives” (Barney 118).

In addition, technology has enabled and improved people’s wellbeing, as it has made communication easier and quicker, especially when there is any urgency or emergencies. The alarms that relay messages of emergencies to the concern have been improvised in order to curb any emergencies that may arise. These alarms are very helpful in the hospitals and even in curbing insecurity at any place, as the attention is increased.

Unfortunately, involvment of technology in the communication sector has minimized face to face interactions and the information is aired through technological methods that have been introduced. Therefore, the information transferred through the papers has been minimized due to the irrelevance as compared to the newer technologies. These technologies are readily available and thus rending it efficient and relevant (Barney 118).

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In conclusion, it is evident that technology has improved the mode of communication worldwide. This has led to an easier transfer of information from one point to another. Moreover, involvement of technology in the communication has helped to improve human’s wellbeing, as they are capable of transacting business and addressing emergencies whenever they occur. It is therefore advisable to adopt the new ways of technology in the communication.


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