Jed Assessment Case Study

There are several ways which can be used for the purpose of evaluating the degree to which Jed’s alcohol addiction has managed to reach. It is the responsibility of every counseling agent to self-analyze the techniques which could be used to screen and assess the prevailing alcoholic conditions (Forrester-Miller & Davis, 1996). The aspect of clinical screening involves direct interrogation by a health care clinician, self-administered questionnaires, and laboratory tests.

In the Jed Assessment Case Study, it is clearly logical to deploy both direct interrogation and self-administered forms of questionnaires as the necessary methodologies. Laboratory tests might not be necessary since it is perceived that Jed has already affirmed with the levels of alcoholism he is currently experiencing. During the screening interrogation processes, it is safe to include both consumption and single forms of questions to Jed in order to gather the necessary information (NIAA College, 2010). Consumption questions are entirely based on frequency and accumulated quantities so that questions such as “how many times do you take alcohol in a normal day” and “how much more alcohol do you take in a period of 3- 5 hours in a day” are asked to the patient. Jed currently admits his alcoholism behavior, although he is not ready to make it known to both his friends and workmates. He has gradually increased his consumption of alcohol, which inhibits his relationship with the family as a whole. Self-administered questionnaires’ technique is considered to be the most appropriate methodology in that Jed’s willingness to cut down on the consumption will be determined by the clinician.

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The fundamental issues which need to be addressed in this case scenario are both positive and negative in nature. Positive issues are those which the clinician can use as a platform based on which he/she can analyze and evaluate the major challenge at hand: alcoholism. They include the fact that Jed has affirmed his condition and, at one point, had allowed himself to attend the AA meetings, and also the fact that he is committed to his work and would never forgo his responsibilities for alcohol. He is also surrounded by a well composed family, let alone a devoted religious mother who is always encouraging him to resort to religion for the purpose of minimizing his drinking habit.

The negative issues to be addressed revolve around Jed’s unwillingness to undertake further counseling meetings as well as the fact that he is not ready to let it known in his workplace. It is, therefore, worth identifying the problems and issues as well as positive aspects arising within the case study taking into account the necessary knowledge which is required for gathering relevant and reliable information and researching strategies as a whole (NBCC, 2010). An attempt to develop and maintain a clinical relationship with Jed will result into his willingness to open up to matters pertaining to his physical and mental health, ability to manage and minimize the current vice he is experiencing as well as his willingness to increase the degree to which he aspires to keep his family. Unlike a technical relationship, a clinical relationship will help to foresee that the screening and assessment stage are undertaken smoothly and without hindrance since the clinician is in a position to deploy elements of empathy and care for the patient in order to make him open up even further (IOWA Substance Abuse Information Center, 2011).

Jed’s assets revolve around the traits which he possesses that will help him overcome the challenge of alcoholism. These assets are also the positive aspects of Jed, and according to the case study, they include the fact that he is remorseful for his actions, especially because he is not putting off the matter. It is also vivid when he chooses not to blame his wife for deciding to leave him. It is also safe to indicate that he is responsible at work and never misses duty. The fact that he is close to family members is another positive aspect .He is ready to undergo treatment, especially because it would strengthen his legal case.


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