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The main objective of this paper is to analyze whether the United States, as well as NATO, ought to support the Syrian resistance or notComprehending and looking forward to all the possible options concerning supporting the resistance in Syria would assist in determining whether the probable benefits prevail over the feasible dangers. Any assistance offered by any group – the United States in our case – needs to be carefully determined prior to its initiation.This paper presents a general insight into the prospective results, the cons and pros of both sides of the case, and possible resolutions of the situation.


There exist quite a good number of extremist groups that are interested in Syria’s civil war. These parties have varying notions and intentions with regard to this issue. The chief groups include:


Ubiquitous in the Arab Spring revolutions, Islamists appear to be the main forces that have been struggling against the ruling of Assad with regard to faith. Assad belongs to a spiritual faction founded on Shiite Islam known as Alawite. This faction holds quite a good number of the ruling administrative centers, yet it is regarded as a marginalized group in Syria. Almost two-thirds of Syrians belong to the Sunni faction. Some individuals even regard the Alawites as being non-Islamic. With regard to this, the Muslim Brotherhood seems to be on the forefront. This faction was formed in 1963 and played the principal role in the blood-spattered Hama revolution of 1982. Afterwards, it became dormant. Nonetheless, it has held on the protest to advocate for the Assad’s dismissal. The new-fangled Brotherhood has openly taken a new predetermined standpoint contrary to the former years, when it supported insistent uprisings in opposition to Alawites and the realization of Sharia law.

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The leader of the Syriac Catholic Church, Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III suggested, that due to the discrimination of Syrian Christians, the Assad’s removal from power was not supposed to be supported. The Christians constitute about ten percent of the entire population. As a result of the overthrow, they could suffer even more. However, several Syrian Christians have assumed a more dynamic role in the rebellion. Previously unified by the Syrian Christians for Democracy, the rejuvenated Assyrians, both in exile and in Syria, have become active in the Local Coordination Committees as well as the Syrian National Council. The faction’s proclamation vision emphasizes that Christians identify firmly with the insurrection in reaction to years of subjugation from the Assad administration. The objective is to make certain that Christians involved in the resistance will have a fundamental responsibility in a post-Assad Syria. They could also take part in the drafting of a novel constitution that would be aimed at protecting religious autonomy alongside egalitarianism.


Syria’s Kurds, who are Christians, Sunnis, and Alawites, constitute the country’s leading minority. They have faced discrimination from the regime for a long time. Kurds used to participate in anti-government protests, particularly in the northeast. The assassination of the Kurdish Future Movement Party’s founder father, Mashaal Tammo, has made the Kurds to reserve vengeful plans. In addition, the Syrian forces’ firing at the funeral procession, that caused five deaths, contributed to their anger. These events have greatly motivated the Kurds to participate in the uprising.

Support for the Regime

As much as the situation in Syria is escalating to the extreme, the Assad regime has received support from various countries, namely Russia, Iran and China. Russia and China have put much effort to diplomatically safeguard the besieged Syrian President. Russia started trading arms to this regime’s authorities. On the other hand, the government of Iran, which views Syria as a vital ally, shares the same sentiments. It has openly supported the Assad regime.

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The Russians have offered support in the form of sophisticated integrated air resistance capacities. These include radars and missiles that would challenge the imposition of whichever no-fly zone. Furthermore, the US reports indicate that there is a steady flow of ammunition, weapons as well as other assistance to Syria from Moscow. Consequently, the reports suggest that Iranian intelligence and militaryoperatives are probably active in Syria. Here, they aid in directing and sharpening Assad’s brutality.

History of Political Stability/Instability in Syria and the Region

The Grass-roots

The protests in Syria are basically out of the aspiration for democratic system, demands for the resignation of Assad as well as in protest to assaults on their localities. The grass-roots protests have incorporated students’ and completely women’s protests, sit-ins by lawyers, doctors, and other certified groups disapproving the country’s state of affairs. These numerous antagonisms of the Assad regime have turned out to be seen as political pretentiousness by the structured opposition of umbrella factions.


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