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Recognition of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is vital in an organization’s strategic management. SWOT analysis can help to select among alternatives strategies, and to determine their viability. Community South Medical Center needs to articulate to the changing economic conditions and the competitiveness in the society in an attempt to realize its strategic goals. According to Ferell & Hartline (2010), strategic goals for the company will only be realized when there are stringent measures undertaken on the organization’s mission, objective and vision. Such measures will be achieved when the management analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Recently, the Medical Center has reported a comprehensive health services that need immediate attention, which includes acute care, residential care, independent living among others.

Indeed, for an organization to be competitive in these changing economic times, the management needs to continue with its original mission, but undertake yearly assessment. The mission statement for the organization is to ensure better and quality health care services to the population. The CEO should incorporate strategies in order to enhance achievement of the set goals, objective and mission statement for the company (Pahl & Richter, 2009). The Medical Center has faced new challenges; however, the presence of modern health services has enabled it to realize its objective with ease. In addition, changes have been reported in the patient care mix and reimbursement source as the Medicaid has increased to 25%, Medicare decreased to 35%, employer sponsored health insurance remained unchanged at 25%, managed care decreased to 8%, private pay remained unchanged at 8%, and no-pay strategies increased to 4%.

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The changes facing the medical center have imposed the management with imminent challenges that may have an impact on its global performance in the future. As such, the organization’s CEO should address these challenges, with immediate effect, in order to mitigate its adversity within a short period. Some of the issues facing the management include shortage of qualified clinical staff—respiratory therapists, registered nurses, and medical technologists; antiquated infrastructure and facilities; information technology is not interfaced; compliance to audit report by T. J. C. has declined; and financial mix has significantly shifted. In addressing these issues, the management will minimize the organization’s threats and weaknesses to future success (Hoppenbrouwers, 2010).

The organization needs to enact various plans that will mitigate the adversity of the situation. For instance, in the case of shortage of clinical staff, the management needs to allocate funds to the human resource department in order to recruit relevant personnel. Information technology systems should be interfaced, facilities and infrastructure should be updated to meet the relevant needs, and management should address the importance o0f independence of auditors and audit report to an organization. In so doing, the organization will enhance its reliability and relevance in the competitive and modern society.

Consequently, as achieving an organization’s strength is cumbersome, the management can devise leadership positions that enhance the achievement of strategic goals. The management team should include the CEO, who would spearhead the whole operations in the organization (Nijssen & Frambach, 2000). The finance officer should enhance the discharge of finances to the relevant fields with an aim of fostering the success of the organization. Human resource manager should be entitled to recruiting qualified medical practitioners so as to compete with other medical centers in the economy. Ideally, most of the organizations have succeeded in its operations through fostering a coherent leadership structure. Diversification of operations across the organization ensures that division of labor and specialization is undertaken; thereby, ensuring that there is maximization of profit outlay.

The market trends that are in operation in the region include changes in the demographic conditions that affect the health lives of individuals, and economic conditions of the population. Changes in the economic condition of the individuals in the region will have an adverse effect on the revenue outlay of Community South Medical Center. Increased population of the region would imply that the organization will have to recruit more medical personnel in order to finance the operations and medical services (Hoppenbrouwers, 2010). As the organization’s CEO, an increase in the income outlay of the population would necessitate an increase in the number of medical practitioners. In addition, the same situation will be achieved when the management plans for the demographic status of the region.

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One of the needs of Community South Medical Center is to enhance quality medical services are subjected to the individuals in the society. The strengths of the organizations include the clinical staff’s willingness to change, the location of the health center is strategic, and the society has a perception that Community South Medical Center offers exclusively quality medical services. The weaknesses that the organization faces include bureaucracy and paperwork, differences in cultural perspectives, and the staff is not motivated to undertake their operations. Opportunities include financial assistance from donors, and government support. Finally, the low salaries of its workers, low income of the population in the region, lack of planned expenditure and revenues, and poor infrastructure are some of the threats that the organization is facing. The S.W.O.T highlighted above strives at enhancing the achievement of strategic goals, objectives, and mission for the organization.


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