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This committee has revealed the Syrian uprising to the outer world. It conducts this through its website that exposes the daily assaults carried out by the Assad regime. It also reveals the deaths as well as uploads the latest attacks’ and protests’ videos. It employs the societal media to propagate the information. The Local Coordination Committee dates back to the initiation of the extensive demonstration efforts against the Assad administration, when groups of people rallied in organizing events in their regions. Currently, it acts as an umbrella faction that coordinates and distributes information from its local committees on a national, as well as global, scale[1]. It performs this with the aid of the novel media experience. The Committee advocates for protest involvement from all the Syrian communities. However, this committee is not considered as being political. Conversely it is believed to be an anti-government organization..

The Syrian National Council

This umbrella faction was created in response to the uprising held in 2011. It acts as a regime-in-exile and functions outside Istanbul. It is in charge of the Syrian Free Army, which is composed of the Syrian militia who deserted in the course of extensive martial crackdowns conducted by the regime of Assad on civilians. The Syrian National Council discarded an agreement with the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change that would have led to a constructive dialogue. This would have resolved conflicts with the Assad administration as well as suppressed any international martial intercessions like the no-fly zone which assisted the Libyan rebels to oust Muammar Gadhafi. This same procedure has been suggested several times in the words of songs sung at numerous anti-regime demonstrations, particularly as aggression escalated against the common citizens. The council has been utilizing the Syrian flag long before the commencement of the Assad reign. It has the support of the Local Coordination Committees, scores of Kurds, the Muslim Brotherhood and Assyrians.

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The National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change

This umbrella faction consists of numerous resistance figures long accepted by the Assad administration. Some had been part of the administration before they faced rebellion from the grass-roots protesters. The Syrian administration is believed to be very cunning as it incorporates individuals to the National Coordination Committee. It is regarded as an administration’s front faction. This faction is ideologically leftist and separatist. In its operations it usually involves opposition parties from Kurdish faction. In addition, it supports discussions with the Assad administration to iron out any dissensions. The National Co-ordination Committee makes use of the authorized Syrian flag.

Complicating Factors

The success of the uprising in Syria faces several hardships. The main predicament is Syria’s relationships with Russia, China as well as Iran. These three countries are the main supporters of the Assad regime. They are also part of Turkey’s leading investment and trade associates. As a result, any involvement of Turkey in a military intervention, intended for Assad, would create a significant threat to Turkey’s associations with these countries. In the long run, the economy of Turkey would be affected. Turkey’s natural gas top suppliers are Iran and Russia. For instance, in the year 2009, the Turkey’s natural gas imports were mainly supplied by Russia which accounted for about 54 per cent while Iran’s share comprised only 14 per cent. In addition, Turkey’s natural gas imports from Iran improved by fifty per cent in the year 2010. This contributed to Turkey’s dependency on Iran because of natural gas. This has affected the uprising since Turkey, which is favorably located to assist, cannot engage in the abovementioned conflict. Turkey fears that its involvement will negatively affect its relations with Iran and Russia. Based on this, the uprising has been left on its own, hence jeopardizing its success.

The intervention of international community may be necessary. However, there are worries about how the provided weapons would be handled after the opposition’s victory or defeat. There is no assurance that the pulling out of the armed forces and security would correspond with the termination of all the militia activities by self-proclaimed militias threatening the civilians. There is also the prolongation of authoritarian rules, despite the administration approving the Arab League’s proposal.

Possible Interventions

There has been the formation of brigades aimed at conducting a kind of guerrilla war against the government. By now, there exist the Khalid bin al-Waleed contingent, Al-Qashoosh Brigade, and Hamza al-Khateeb contingent. Others are also in the process of emergence. In addition, there exist factions that have been instigated by defecting soldiers and officers, for instance, the ‘Free Officers Movement’ and the ‘Free Syrian Army’.  Several videos have been produced that show deserters proclaiming an act carried out by their contingent.  There is also a video that contains a declaration by the ‘Free Officers Movement’. Here, an operation conducted in the Zawiya mountain region is exposed. Observing the actions of these contingents, it looks like they are the suggested interventions targeted at ambushing and attacking the Assad’s regime members. As pressure is brewing over this regime, a slow battle of attrition may be a feasible course towards gradually but ultimately attaining the intended aim of ousting the oppressive regime.

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Economic Sanctions on Assad’s Regime

The intervention of the United States and NATO in form of imposing sanctions is another option. All these initiatives point towards the steady push from the USA and France as well as their regional cronies. It is aimed at imposing their resolutions on the Syrian government. If there are no transformations from Assad’s administration, then initiating a martial intercession becomes reasonable. However, this can only be achieved when changes are implemented in both Russian and Chinese policies. For the moment, enhanced ostracizations together with sanctions prove to be the main interventions that may lead to the realization of a long-lasting solution prior to any adoption of a full administration change policy. In the current situation, the United States is in the process of imposing sanctions on gas and oil revenues of Syria. This would seriously affect the economy of Syria since these revenues account for a one third of its income. The initiative taken by Bahrain, Saudi-Arabia and Kuwait is geared towards pushing the Assad regime to quit and abstain from ‘counter-productive’ approaches in the course of preserving his rule.


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