Motivating Pupils to Work with Grammar in Language Learning and Examples of Modern Grammar Teaching

In every way, the first key thing in motivating a pupil is to understand the things that motivate them. Pupils should be helped to understand that grammar is the core in language learning. This is because it helps pupils to construct sentences well. They should also be helped to understand that the language they speak is helpful. Never the less they should understand that structural construction of most of the local language that they know is not applicable in language learning especially foreign languages. Grammar entails all aspects of structure of language as used by a speaker and a writer. This means that grammar in language learning is essential, since it facilitates learning. It makes learning of languages easy and enjoyable. Therefore, whether pupils learn languages for fun or because it is a requirement, they should be motivated to work with grammar. Pupils should be inspired to learn with interests and get motivation through integrative and instrumental motivation.

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Integrative motivation to the pupils entails cultural attractiveness of the community with the target language. This method helps pupils to develop interest in the target language on the bases that they would wish to be associated to the culture of such a community. This made possible by making pupils to have the desire to know the language and cultures of the target group. Integrative motivation is a form of motivation that would help pupils to accept the concept of grammar for them to learn a language that they have developed an interest. Additionally, teachers should take initiatives of helping pupils to work with grammar to learn other languages. They should give pupils the necessary concepts in language learning, bearing in mind that it is their base for learning and developing interest. They work keenly to avoid any unpleasant circumstances, which may make student to have a dislike of grammar. Teachers need to instill interest through inspiring pupils to work with grammar for easy learning of languages.

The work of the pupil will be to learn once they get the motivation, which will make the work of teaching and instructing for the teachers easy. Additionally, instrumental motivation helps in motivating pupils through appreciating that mastery of a target language would help in having better job, being in the higher position, or even gaining certain status. Pupils feel that they are obliged to learn certain languages because they have a target to attain certain goals. Learning the concepts in grammar would help pupils to learn languages will less difficulty. On the other side, it would help avoid unpleasant experiences that they could have encountered earlier. They can also avoid nasty experiences that their peers encountered earlier. Teachers should study past experiences that other students entered that made them dislike learning of languages. They should integrate those experiences with grammar for pupils to learn.

Grammar help in the existence of languages and its rules help in the spoken and written language. Being conversant with the rules of grammar enables pupils to learn languages and speak it properly. They should be encouraged to use grammar rules and practice the language with correct usage. This means that grammar is important, and pupils should work with it for them to learn languages. Never the less, most of the pupils feel that grammar is boring and difficult to learn. They feel that they can become fluent without the interruptions of the teacher in correcting their mistakes in grammar. They also have the assumption that a language is merely speaking and understanding each other.

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They should be encouraged at all times to know that language is more than making conversation. Pupils should understand that well-spoken language apart from making a conversation could be more advantageous. In many jobs that require employees who have done some of the major languages, a well-spoken language is necessary. This means those who can communicate and speak properly are hired for those jobs. On the other side, grammar helps in connecting nouns, articles, adjective, adverbs, and preposition to make sensible statements. The rules in grammar of connecting the above words make communication easy without misjudgment. Therefore, the rules of grammar are necessary to learn languages and communicate effectively.

In modern grammar teaching, many sites have been developed to help learners to learn without necessarily having to have to be in a class with a teacher. Learners need to find these sites and listen to sounds. They also read materials and write notes on what they learn. Never the less, they still need explanation on grammar materials that they have. Web sites have been developed that help learner in acquiring necessary skills in language at their convenient. Computers facilitate grammar learning by DVs listening, Websites, and internet. Learning languages in this case depends on the interest of the learner. The learner chooses the time and the language in cases where the teachers do not guide it.


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