Free «The Components of a Valid Accreditation Process» Essay Sample

The Components of a Valid Accreditation Process

What are the components of a valid accreditation process?

Accreditation is the process by which the organization and administration aspects of a board of public health. Implementation and evaluation are measured against peer-set; hence this paper is going to help us analyze the components of a valid accreditation in a more perceived manner. There is the assessment component that specifies the framework against the appraisal that the pupil attained in the national exam hence this helps to assess the possible outcomes.

Training as a component improves ones approach to working in a partnership and with professionals, it furthermore supports in the development of a thoughtful approach to the partnership while practicing (Essex, 2002). The component also leads to the web of agencies by building the confidence while dealing with a wide range of service givers. Starlight course leads to the development of self-esteem and self confidence as it aims at creating effective communication skills and the ability of managing emotions thus liable as a valid component.

The legal issues accreditation and accrediting bodies.

Accreditation is widely used in higher education as a nongovernmental means of evaluating colleges and universities, the issue is furthermore used to evaluate and demonstrate the quality of an individual’s educational program that prepares students to enter into recognized institutions. It is moreover embraced as a major quality control mechanism in the higher education and as one of the primary means for higher education demonstrators to various constituents (Essex, 2002).

The evaluation takes place in the perspective of the institutes own mission by focusing on the effectiveness of education and the assessed outcomes. The process of not owning specialized accreditation would deter the student’s career after graduation as the federal government uses accreditation as a principle for a student’s financial aid. Thus this concludes that the process of accreditation has indeed taken an increased role by being part of the supervision triad hence being a legal issue for accreditation.


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