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This chapter talks of the division among Jews due to the words of Jesus Christ. One group suggests that Jesus has demons, thus, they should not waste their time listening to his teachings while others say that cannot be the case, as they reflect when Jesus restored eyesight to a blind person. The Jews gathered around him and asked why he was leaving them in suspense instead of telling them if he truly was the Christ they have been waiting for. Jesus responds by telling them that they should not doubt about him; the works he was doing were unquestionably proof. He continues and says that he did not expect them to believe him because they were not part of his flock; his sheep hears his teachings and follow him. Verse 28 goes further and says that he gives them eternal life and they could not be snatched away from him since they were granted to him by his Father, God. He ends the verse by saying he and the Father are the one.

The verses in the above chapter portray Jesus to be biased in choosing his people when he says that he will only accept those who listen and follow his teachings. He does not care on the fate of those who doubt about him. There is also a contradiction when he says that his Father, God, gave them the righteous people. This draws the concern of whether the righteous ones were already chosen in heaven by God.

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The translations on these verses draw more questions from the original Greek text. The TEXTUS RECEPTUS, the original Greek text, have been corrupted in a way to favor the needs of modern Christian doctrines. The King James Version, which was published in the year 1611, and dedicated to King James at a time when the Roman Catholic Church was conflicting with him, may have been translated to suit his own philosophy of allegorical and mystical ideas. Therefore, the other Bible versions of this generation may also be biased since they were all translated from the King James Version.


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