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Paradise Lost

From the passage, we can see the decision of a master plan of taking revenge on God. The passage begins with a mockery of the sovereignty of God. The fallen angels express extreme fear of other angels who remain in heaven and; therefore, they decide to create their own kingdom. This is greatly challenged by Beelzebub who strongly believes that God would punish them for disobedience. Throughout the passage, we see that fallen angels plan on how to explore whether God is going to substitute his first creations with the new ones. Satan offers to make the journey to explore the new world. The fallen angels are trapped in hell but they felt guilty and, as a result, expect the following punishment. The other evidence of overwhelming awe becomes obvious as soon as they start disputing on the topic of upcoming war with heaven. Beelzebub confirms this statement saying that, even though, they might build their own analogue of heaven they remain vulnerable to the Creator’s will. The same with the Sin when she refuses to obey the will of Satan because of God’s strict order.

The favorite phrase in the passage is ‘Hell trembl'd at the hideous Name’ which is clearly encroached in line 788. This is a very strong satire as in this scenario hell trembled when the name of Death was mentioned. One can assume that fallen angels are afraid of Death.

The word ‘Stygian’ in line 506 looks very difficult for understanding and seems to have a very complicated meaning. It might mean Hellish. The word derives from River Styx which is known as the river which leads to hell, according to Greek myth.


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