Separation between Church and State




Many countries have adopted the concept of separation of government and issues concerning church or any other religion. While many countries decide to put away the issues of church others have recognized church in deed and put church official in the government business. Researcher has showed that many countries in Europe gives support church and they force individuals to attend church. They make individuals believe in church despite their feelings and perception towards the religion. The need for separation between the two has made many individuals contribute on the issue because this involves no business of the church in government issues and the government in church matters (Plato 21)



In many decades historical kings supported the religion. This got evidenced in situations which some of the kings got a religious name or title. The ancient Judeans kings adopted a title of religion and they were believed to have been given power to rule from heaven. People believed that they gained power from God to guide the people and whatever they said had come from God. Their rule and judgment was final and binding. They were chosen by religious leaders and anointed before the people in order for people to witness what the power of God being installed to king (John 52).

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Christianity got practiced in many countries, and people in those stated had to practice the Christian values and cultures. Roman Empire practice Christianity for many years and all people within the territory were forced to worship God and practice Christianity values. The king and officials from the government were appointed from the church. The church had the mandate to determine the person to rule and the cabined officials to run the daily activities of the government. The government of America disagreed that it had foundations of religion in the formation. They claimed that they did not have any aspect of religion, but them runned their operations according to the laws laid down in the constitution (John 52).

Separation of church and state become a common allegory that got well acknowledged, and the metaphorical meaning of the church has being out of the state’s affairs, and the affairs of state being out of church’s affairs. The new Phrase “separation of church and state”, initiated by Baptists advocating for the tolerance of religions in Virginia, where Anglican (Episcopalian) was the official state religion. The Baptists thought that government limitations against religion were illegitimate. James Madison and Thomas Jefferson spearheaded their cause. The ancestors did not seek to banish the church from society. They acknowledged that a number of states did not have uniform values people co-existed, lived and subscribe to different religions. The framers were a varied bunch with a host of differing opinions on many issues, but eliminating the precise foundations of the heritage would have appalled (Robert 17). The right to subscribe to a given religion was partly if not entirely moral defending our most cherished liberty and realistic cause. Religious animosity tears society apart, specifically when church is in marriage to government, with freedom of conscience secured, conflict becomes less likely. The concealed causes of the division are thus planted in the character of ma (Deborah 21).

A decree by the Constitution that Washington had no business to interpolate itself into matters as visibly local as doctrines of faith in a religion or church. Congress was not given powers to establish a church since the framers feared that a lot of authority, whether it favored religions, standing armies, banking monopolies, or overarching federal government welcomed despotism. The Church and the state were separate in a way that the Federal Government could not exalt one denomination over others, nor could government and its flawed populace seize divine power by embracing politics to the church. Faith is a no civil pact, but a personal matter not to be disrespected by politicians. There is a religion which can be privileged by the government over others or get support from the government revenue. The state has no role or power in defining values relating to God and adulation (Robert 76).

The Need for Separation

The Union between the Church and the State Led to Persecution of Minority Religions. During [John] Locke’s era, it was not easy to establish where church left off and state began. This resulted into churches frequently using the force of the state to uphold and implement their interests and doctrines. The state believed that with application of doctrines they will have more power because all people will follow the religious values

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Governmental Efforts to Force Religious Compliance resulted to disaster. Millions of blameless men, women, and children have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned since the introduction of Christianity yet things have not advanced one inch towards uniformity. Torrents of blood have been a shade in the old world, by useless attempts of the worldly arm, to snuff out Religious conflict, by proscribing all difference in religious beliefs. (Robert 19)

Many sates focus for change and separation of the state and church. They decided to separate the two and make each one run on is own. This got evidenced because the church leader’s felt unsafe while involved in government issues. This happened because when an individual did what was not right to the government got punished and the church was afraid of punishment from the government. The government had to run all the programs without the help of the church in order for justice to occur because they church believed in forgiveness while the government insisted on punishment in order to collect the offenders.

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Forcing Religion on People

The government forcing people in religion resulted to apathy. The history of state established religion showed that whenever state had associated itself with one form of religion Research had showed that men and women have been involved in fights and died when their religion got introverted or beleaguered by their government, or if they did not engage in fight, they did not give support to their government in times of crises. Since the inception of the United States of America, there has never been a religious war despite disruptive sectarian differences, and in times when crisis arises, minority religions have given their support to the government since it has for the most part upheld a position of neutrality among its many religions (John 52).

Some government has been forcing people to undertake Christian teachings and become religious people. The Roman Empire made people follow Christianity and observe all the Christian teachings. Any violation of Christian teaching got regarded as a bleach of the law and punishment imposition was awarded to the person. This made people feel less fortune because there some people who believed in other powers to become rich and to progress in life. Some believe in witchcraft while other treats people traditionally and get money to earn their living (Deborah 87).

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Hostile and friendly separation

Research has differentiated been separation which is friendly and hostile. The French separation and Spanish in 1905 was termed as hostile. This comes out with a break in the civil war between the citizens. The war brought many suffering and humiliation to the people. A lot of people lost their properties and they were left with few things to keep their life moving. The affected people were left in trauma and children from the affected parent’s lived poor lives, and they could not forget what had happened in their life time. Many people have seen the need of separation of religion and church as one of the root cause of civil war which rose between Spain and Mexico. For this reason many people have disliked the relationship between the two (Plato 49).

The friendly separation occurred in America when people decided to abandon the activities of the church from government offices. These come up with the agreement between the church leaders and government representatives. The missionary worker stated in early 19th century and missionaries faced a lot of challenge trying to influence people to abandon their religious practice and practice Christianity, a religion from supreme God. Many individuals abandoned and followed Christianity. The individuals based their kingdom with religion and after abandoning their traditional religion they adopted Christianity in their kingdom. There separation becomes easiest because there was no struggle to set both a side. People had to believe the way they changed from traditional believes to Christianity they can set the religion from government matters and life go on as usual (Deborah 87).

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State Misuses Religion for dishonorable Purposes

Over the years, many politicians have been seen extolling the virtues of the Ten Commandments while breaking as quite many of them as possible. A dictator must put on the manifestation of uncommon dedication to religion. Subjects are less fearful of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider God fearing and religion, they do not move against the leader while thinking that he is with gods stays on his support. They support what ever which comes from the leader and for this reason many individuals have engaged in politics in order to gain political power. Politicians know Christians can not lessen to them if they do not associate themselves with the church and for this reason they pretend to be going to church and participate in church activities (Deborah 87).

Political leaders have gained fame and political power through the church. Many people form church in order to establish their name to the public and when they become famous they leave the church and engage in politic. The citizens give spiritual leader first priority, because they believe that they represent God on earth and whatever they do comes from above. Some state officials have made church fight against other minority religion, because they believe that since Christianity is the majority religion and when they gain support from the Christian they will get elected. They make Christian hate other leaders from other religion, and try to show people how corrupt the religion of their competitors is. Political leaders use church as their tool to get in to parliament and win the elections against their competitor. Many leaders make church fight against the leaders and other religions. They create enmity between the church people and other people in the country (Plato 49).

Many individuals use religion to gain fame. They used church leaders to introduce them during their meeting in order to make them known to the public (John, 34). Those who used church made believers believe that they are good people, and they should remain in power since they believe and depend in God for their progress. The state also takes taxes from the church and other religion, which makes some churches close down, because they do not have enough money to pay all requirements. Research shows that many countries have imposed a lot of taxes and demands on churches before they get established (Deborah 87).


The separation of church and state has been established and many states think that they have separated the business of state from those of the church. This can not happen at any single time. Since the church is in the country and the country runs all activities within a country. In some countries there some ministries which take care of the religion while individuals think that the state is less involved in the activities of the church. When church and state get separated means that the state has stopped caring about the affairs of the people. Many states collect the revenue from church and other charges from the activities conducted by the church and this add value to the government revenue. Church leaders and the government have been working together in solving dispute and this show that there is no separation which has occurred (Plato 49).


The separation of church and state has been an effort by many states. They have worked to make sure that the affairs of the church do not intermingle with the affairs of the state. Many government officials think that separation of the two can improve people’s welfare. When people go to church without being forced they get the teaching from the church but if an individuals are forced to go to church he will go for show. People should have freedom of worship in each country, and they should present themselves to church and the leaders of the church only but not to the government officials. The state and the church can not get separate, because the two depend in each other in solving some issues arising in the territory they operate.





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