Music essay samples

Music in Oldboy essay

Oldboy (2004) is a Korean dramatic action thriller, directed by Park Chan-wook. It is praised for it... Continue reading »

The Abstract Expressionism essay

The works of abstract expressionism were known to the majority of the American public. It was recogn... Continue reading »

The Pop Art essay

Pop Art is a name that has been coined from popular art. Pop art is a form of advertisement through ... Continue reading »

My Blues essay

Although the blues is associated with misery and oppression, for instance when one gets a misfortune... Continue reading »

Music Makes Me essay

Music has many connotations such one would find it difficult to put them down in pen. The essence of... Continue reading »

Blues essay

One of the most popular genres of American popular music is Blues, popularly known as rhythm and blu... Continue reading »

Metallica essay

Heavy metal music also known as Metallica is a rock music subgenre. Metallica evolved circa 1968 fro... Continue reading »

American Popular Music essay

The song ‘Chiquititta’ by Abba is a song that was produced by the Polar/Universal record... Continue reading »

Chicago Movie Critique essay

Chicago is a musical movie that is based on Bob Fosses Broadway musical of the 70s. The critical and... Continue reading »

Morphology of Mudstones essay

The occurrence and morphology of mudstones happens in distinct environments. Some of the environment... Continue reading »

Sedimentary Rock essay

Mudstone is generally a sedimentary rock. It is fine-grained in nature and occurrence. The stone is ... Continue reading »

Robert Schumann essay

Robert Schumann was music critic, his work Widmung is a piece of a solo piano recital that is a comp... Continue reading »

Frederic Chopin essay

The indiscretion of the rhythmic patterns is one feature of Chopin’s style of the piano enhanc... Continue reading »

The Sonata 178 essay

This is a sonata in the piano that is comprised of five constituents that bonded to come up with a s... Continue reading »

Franz Liszt’s Sonata essay

Franz Liszt's Sonata in The sonata in B minor is perhaps one of the best models of Franz Liszt maste... Continue reading »

“Jazz Anecdotes “ essay

Crow in his book named Jazz Anecdotes is actually an insider's observation at the world of jazz. For... Continue reading »

Bill Crow essay

The tale also provides instances of racial prejudice that musicians went through. In this original a... Continue reading »

Pop Art essay

Pop Art was defined as the artistic phenomenon that was closely linked to the 1960s’ spirit in... Continue reading »

Bob Marley essay

Bob Marley was a Jamaican musician born in 1945. He is most well known are respected performer of th... Continue reading »

Caloric Expenditure essay

Comparing the results of the two trials, with music and without music, analysis showed that when exe... Continue reading »

Alexander Scriabin essay

Alexander Scriabin is considered as one of the greatest musicians in the Russian history. Since the ... Continue reading »

Igor Stravinsky essay

Igor Stravinsky piano musical compositions were comprehensive in composition that kept to the tradit... Continue reading »

Concert Attendance Report essay

I was fascinated by the construction and arrangements in the concert hall, the University Symphony O... Continue reading »

Stephen Sondheim essay

Stephen Sondheim is an accomplished composer and a lyricist with multiple tony awards and Grammys in... Continue reading »

Online Service Providers essay

Online subscription mode of sale has numerous disadvantages that render the services ineffective and... Continue reading »

Selling Music essay

Production and marketing of music began with the traditional mode that incorporated an ordinary chai... Continue reading »

Classical Dances essay

The dancecrewwas under the leadership of Teresa Reichhlen and Sara Mearns with the assistance of a s... Continue reading »

Jazz Dancing essay

Dance refers to the act of expressing feelings, opinions and emotions throughmovementand use of theb... Continue reading »

Ideal Musical Composition essay

The general character of the music was a feeling of happiness and profound relaxation making it appe... Continue reading »

The Music Performance essay

This essay entails a report of UC-Davis Symphony concert at the UC-Davis. It gives the historical pe... Continue reading »

Sonata for Piano essay

The recording of Sonata for Piano no 3 in F minor, Op. 5 composed by Johannes Brahms, and performed ... Continue reading »

“Dance Suite” Composed by Bela Bartok essay

The Dance Suite by Bela Bartok is a creative piano piece that has four distinct movements they inclu... Continue reading »

Sibelius essay

Sibelius, Symphony No.2 is an absolute romantic orchestra with surging melodies. It is hard to condu... Continue reading »

“We are the World” Song essay

"We Are the World" was a song written with charity in mind. The song was written by Lionel Richie an... Continue reading »

Ludwig van Beethoven and Trans-Siberian Orchestra essay

Ludwig Van Beethoven extensively known as the best composer of all times was the son of Maria Magdal... Continue reading »

Beethoven’s Grosse Fugue essay

Beethoven’s Grosse Fuge, Op. 133 is one of the great artistic testaments to the human capacity... Continue reading »

Hip Hop essay

Hip hop is a type of music genre that consists of rhythmical vocal style that accompanied by backing... Continue reading »

“Sonny’s Blues” essay

The functions and roles of James Baldwin’s use of music and art in his works have long been a ... Continue reading »

“The Sister Sparrow and Dirty Birds Show” essay

“The Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds” is nine member group which can be described as ... Continue reading »

The Woodstock Festival essay

The Woodstock Festival was one of the greatest music festivals in the 60s which was an acquarian exp... Continue reading »

Choice of My Musical Selection essay

The title of the music described herein is Mitridate, re di Ponto. It was composed by a poet and a... Continue reading »

Music Review essay

Femi Kuti is one of the veritable superstars popular for his native Afro-beat which is a blend of ... Continue reading »

Music essay

1. Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2, ChopinI highly disliked the Nocturne in E Flat Major, O... Continue reading »

Role of Music essay

Role of music in the real world of today’s American societyMusic plays the role of entertain... Continue reading »

Elements of Music essay

Music, the art of sound articulates ideas, emotions in very many noteworthy forms through various ... Continue reading »

Gender Distinctions Between Funk and Disco essay

Funk and Disco are two different kind of genre that both conquer the music scene. Each started in ... Continue reading »

Popularity of Reggae in Jamaica, England and the United states essay

Music is one way of relaying the required information in any given society. For instance, reggae m... Continue reading »

The Music Industry essay

The question of who owns the music has been in minds of everyone who listens to music. The answer ... Continue reading »

Blues and Country Lyrics essay

Blues and country lyrics are forms of music whose roots were in the American south. Blue’s t... Continue reading »

Music of 20th and 21st century essay

Various musicians of the 20th and 21st century have had different attitudes towards the use of con... Continue reading »

Music on Radio and Television essay

Life has many shades and the shades of life keep on changing. One day you feel that your life is l... Continue reading »

Improvisation in Theatre and Dance essay

Improvisation in music can be defined as the process of composing music and at the same time singi... Continue reading »

Evolution of Opera essay

The history of opera music can be traced back to the late 16th century and has its origins in the ... Continue reading »

Music and Learning Environment essay

Background to the StudyMusic has traditionally been used for different purposes within societies o... Continue reading »

Music Appreciation and Academic Achievement essay

Music appreciation is associated with several positive aspects which results into mental developme... Continue reading »

The Life of Celia Cruz essay

The Celia Cruz biography is a writing detailing the story of her life deeply influenced by rooted ... Continue reading »
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